Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Yesterday at the doc's office they took away my Herman Munster boot and gave me what looks like a Fisher-Price cast.  It's called an air cast; it's made up of 2 long, thin pieces of plastic connected by a vinyl strip.  It covers my ankles and is Velcro-ed up my calf on both sides and can be orally inflated to hold the leg even snugger.  AND I can put on a shoe (granted it's one of Durwood's unworn shoes, bought in Cody, WY a couple years ago; it's a long story, don't ask) so when I walk with my walker I can put a little weight on my foot and it feels like real walking.  I have exercises to do to loosen up my ankle.  I still have to use the walker so I don't put too much weight on it but I can go to work and drive my car.  I'm going to practice-work on Thursday (in 2 days!) and then start my regular hours next week.  I'm not going to get my car back quite yet, I'll let Durwood take me and pick me up--just so he feels needed, you understand, not because I'm a little nervous about all the freedom.

Doctor's office waiting rooms are perfect places for making progress on supremely boring knitting.  I'm up to 6" on Sudoku strip #1.  I need about 18" so things are going well.  In the afternoon, after a couple trips down the hall and back walking on both feet just like a grown-up, I cast on May Preemie Hat #2 and finished it right before bedtime.  I do love this pattern and this yarn, but then we all know I'm a sucker for variegated yarn.

Oh, I asked for and got a copy of my first x-ray showing my broken fibula.  Pretty cool, huh?

May 10--Douglas Peebles, Capitol Building, Washington, DC.

White marble columns
ring the dome
like iron jail bars
keeping the government
unable to interfere
with those that put
it there.

Must be defective.

And that, children, is all I have to say about politics.  We've got a cool and drizzly day today so I'm going to spend it rotating my left foot (and maybe the right one so it doesn't feel left out) and practicing walking upright on both feet in my Cody, WY shoes.

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Aunt B said...

Hallelujah and Praise the Lord!! You're liberated -- well, somewhat liberated. These past weeks will make your return to work seem like a vacation. Love the colors in that latest little hat. Very citrus-y. Cute.