Thursday, May 19, 2016

My Heart Bleeds

Not really, but how else do you start a blog post about your Bleeding Heart plant blooming?  I really miss stepping out the patio door in the early morning cool and taking a picture of the rising sun or of the apple blossoms or something that's newly bloomed, so this morning I went out there.  Not as early as I usually do and not as undressed as I used to be (falling on the ice in my underpants, a camisole, and a hoodie might have cured me of going out without pants on forever), in fact, I get up and get dressed right away because it's just easier to get out of bed, do my bathroom thing, brush my teeth, get dressed for the day, comb my hair and then go to the kitchen for coffeeeeeee.  (even though I drink decaf it's hard to start the day without coffee; it's a psychological thing, I'm sure)  Oh, by the way, putting less than a full cup of coffee into the microwave on HIGH for 2 minutes boils all the coffee out of the very tall mug, making a lake of coffee on the floor of the microwave.  I really wanted to clean that up this morning (NOT), at least I didn't get it on the floor so I didn't need to mop, just clean the micro.  Sheesh.

The first thing I saw when I went out was this rabbit frozen in place, not twitching, not blinking.  I was sure that I'd spook it reaching into my bag for my camera but it didn't move.  I am absolutely positive the furry little thing was nibbling on the baby fern fronds because it had a guilty look on its face.  Don't you think it looks guilty?

I finished the top and bottom of the toe scallop of my Autumn Cumulus sock last night.  Next I'm guessing I'll be picking up stitches up one side to knit another single-sided scallop adjoining the toe one.  This pattern take some thinking and row counting but it's not hard to do.  I'm loving the colors.  Loving 'em.

May 19--Mark Duran, AV-1002H.

Skyscrapers like
man-made mesas
silhouetted against distant mountains
recall long views of the Old West.
That's all there was last night.  Short and semi-sweet.  Some days are like that.  I just had a trio of workmen in to get a tank filled.  The acronym of the name of their company is "SECSI."  Sound it out--sexy--which made me smile.  They said that some "older women" at motel desks aren't amused.  I think people need to lighten up.  Tonight's the night we find out the winners of the Design-a-thon at Knitting Guild.  I'm excited.  Hasta la vista, babies.

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Aunt B said...

Yes, that rabbit has "guilty" written all over it.