Monday, May 23, 2016

More Words That Turn Off My Brain & Open My Wallet

"Store Closing--Everything Must GO!"  I woke up this morning afraid that Hancock Fabrics had closed while I was trapped on the couch, so I was determined to go there after my other stops.  They're less than a month from locking the doors and they still had a few things I wanted so I got stuff, probably not at the lowest price ever, but I'm happy.  I found a pattern for me, one for a long-sleeved t-shirt to make someone small a swim shirt, two lengths of unisex lycra swimsuit fabric, a couple skeins of Lion Fisherman's Wool, two skeins of the acrylic yarn I use to make preemie hats, four skeins of sparkle yarn (because I suddenly want ALL of the sparkle yarn), one skein of dishcloth cotton, and a clutch of novelty & regular buttons.  I'm sorry that they're closing.  For years I've tried to buy my making things there instead of at Joann's, mostly because a couple of the people that work there have waited on me at a fabric cutting table since before I had children--and that's a not-inconsiderable number of years.  I swear I (probably) won't go back there before they lock the door for the last time.

All day yesterday I could hear a House Wren out back advertising the excellent nest he'd made for a prospective mate so Durwood and I worked together and got the fountain out and up and running.  It was tricky trying to thread the extension cord for the fountain pump behind the Bleeding Hearts with a walker so I ended up just looping over the end of a shelf so it's not laying on the ground when it rains. We got the patio umbrella too.

I have blueberry flowers!  I also have thriving weeds around them which means I should ask Durwood to get out the garden stool and sit there pulling weeds one of these days.  Good thing next weekend's a holiday.  I'd do it tomorrow but it's supposed to rain besides I've been zooming around a lot lately which makes Durwood tell me to sit down and put my feet up A LOT so I'm trying to sit still-er.  (I'm not very good at all at sitting still, even with a walker to shove in front of me.)  In front of the house the allium are blooming.  They're a variety of onion.  I don't think you should eat them, though.

I ran into a snag knitting on my Cumulus sock so I emailed the designer and in the meantime cast on a Turkish Bed Sock that I intend to wear as a "ped" if you know what that is.  (if you don't, a "ped" is a 1950s and 60s version of that throw-away sock you get in a shoe store that women wore in the summer because they were of the opinion that you NEVER wore shoes without socks)  And I plan to make two.  Look at the yarn; don't worry, they won't match.

May 23--Douglas Peebles, Space Needle, Seattle, WA.

Who knew where to build
the base?
Did they expect the UFO
to land?
Were they getting messages from deep space
on their molars?
And how did they convince the aliens to let them turn their ship
into a tourist trap?

Today's the last day I'm taking painkillers.  I am so over them, you have no idea.  They did a great job early in this adventure but I sure wish I'd known the instant when they weren't absolutely necessary so I could have quit them as soon as possible.  I'm not cut out to be a junkie... or maybe it's that I'm not cut out to endure the getting clean part more than once.  It's no picnic.  From now on I'm sticking to one Aleve a day if I have "discomfort."  *dusts off hands*

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Aunt B said...

That "Everything Must Go" announcement is sooooo luring. No wonder you stocked up on everything in sight. I'm so glad to read that you're out and about -- even though you're out and about too much. Good thing hubby is there to put the brakes on you now and then. Everything in good time.