Tuesday, May 31, 2016

I Got A Cow

No, silly, not a real cow, a ceramic cow dish to soak my partial in.  My friend, Lala, said something about the dish her mom soaked hers in and I was horrified to realize that I was using the boring plastic box that came with the Polident fizzies so when I was at Goodwill last Friday I looked on the doodad shelves and found a cow.  I need to be more careful about the amount of water I put in or it'll foam over but I like it a lot.

Yesterday I went to TJ Maxx looking for another set of cotton sheets for our bed so I don't wear out the one set we have washing it.  I had looked on Walmart.com for sheets and was kind of put off by the high prices--up to $100 for a king size set--so I thought I'd check out TJ Maxx before braving the wilds of Walmart, also I figured I'd get better quality sheets there--and I was right.  I had two to choose from in my price range.  The ones with the tiny red anchors on them are sateen (meaning softer) and were $35; the ones with the big polka dots weren't quite as soft but they were $30.  I bought the softer ones with the anchors on but can't get the polka dots out of my mind.  I might have to go back up there to get them today.


Mr. and Mrs. Goldfinch stopped by for a spot of seed this morning and posed real nicely for a portrait.  Those males are flighty and zoom off at the slightest thing.

I finished the second Frustration Anklet last night.  Hooray!  I'm sorry that the toe of it isn't all white but since the whole thing is so much paler than the first one I can't really complain, and there is a bit of white sneaking in at the toe area.  They need a little bath in wool wash and a pat dry before wearing but I like them.  I think next time I'll make the sides a few rows shorter so they're more snug.  I may give them a tiny tumble in the dryer to tighten them up just a tad.

May 31--Richard Pasley

The tunnel swallows cars
like a voracious sea monster
swallows unwary fish.
Taillights glow red
on the steel ribs
of her gullet
on the way to being
shat into the city.

Today is cleaning lady day.  Hoooray!  I plan to hide out downstairs doing a little sewing to stay out of her way.  Toodle-oo.

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Aunt B said...

Love your cow but those polka dot sheets might keep you awake at night. Very bright. But you're a smart shopper finding those great prices for king sheets.