Tuesday, May 24, 2016

What Is This?

Does anyone know what this rack thing is?  It was on a high shelf at the cafe where we had lunch on Saturday and none of the employees knew what it was.  It's not a wine rack.  It has pieces of metal that look like they'd jam into the ground.  I thought it might be a portable manger but no one agreed with me.  Any clue?

I got outside before 7 o'clock this morning (yes, I was wearing pants and no, it wasn't icy) so I could take a picture of the early sky for us to admire.  Then look at what was peeking at me between the birdseed storage cans.  Lily of the valley!  I looked over at the bed of them and a few are bloomed.  More to come.  Also the chive blossoms are about ready to pop open.  You know you can eat the flowers, right?  They're very strong flavored so I pick just one and deconstruct it and put the tiny purple florets on salads and in dishes.  Yum.

I got finished with the heel & sole part of the first Frustration Anklet yesterday.  Next comes knitting the foot and toe.  I have to sew the sides to the bottom and heartily wish I'd found cleverknits' modifications sooner because she's worked out a way to keep those side stitches live and knit them together as you go thereby eliminating the annoying sewing and ensuing mini-ridge.  I am having interior sock-ridge issues, aren't I?  

May 24--Douglas Peebles, Capitol Building, Washington, DC.

Reflection of a mounted soldier
on his plinth
Upside down upon the still surface
of the pool
Memories of old battles,
old, dead men,
horses long gone
remind us of...
Past triumphs?
Past glory?
A past to ignore
in our race to tomorrow?

As soon as I push "publish" up there in the right corner I'm going to put on shoes and take myself into the kitchen to make egg salad for work lunches this week because Mrs. Boss made me some yummy egg salad for lunch when I went back to work and I want more, and then I'm going to make breakfast burritos because I've been meaning to make them for WEEKS and haven't.  Those two things are going to be my activities for the day and then I intend to sit in the shade on the patio and knit.  Yes.  Yes, I am. *nods confidently*

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Aunt B said...

I don't know about that sock. Doesn't look right somehow but I know you'll figure it out.