Thursday, May 5, 2016

Plantation Begun

Durwood and I have put another segment of our retirement plans in action--we've got the first plant of our pineapple plantation growing roots in a jar.  Last week when I cleaned my pineapple he wondered if the top would grow if we planted it so I looked it up online and it will.  I had cut off the top with a slice of fruit and in trying to detach the fruit part from the top I broke the top so our plans to give Dole a run for its money (from Northeastern Wisconsin, no less) had to wait a week.  I was more careful-er yesterday so we have plant #1 in its recycled salsa jar making roots.  As soon as a few little white roots appear it'll get potted in some loose sandy soil mix or a cactus growing medium.  According to the green-thumb-ites online it'll be a few years before we have fruit but we're willing to be patient.  We're also wondering what else we can grow from produce.  I know you can put carrot tops in a shallow dish with water in it and more greenery will grow but we don't have a caged bird to feed it to and it won't grow more carrots.  I plan to poke any lemon or lime seeds into some dirt (no, Barbara, you mean soil; Grandma Angermeier said that dirt is what you sweep off the floor and out from under the beds, you grow things in soil) next time we cut up a lemon or lime to see if they'll grow too.  It'll be fun and it's amusing.  Maybe a sweet potato vine too... remember those?  I grew an avocado pit when I was in college that got about 5' tall and was so big I needed a dolly to move it.  I used to be able to grow things, lately everything dies.

I finished Sudoku Block #9 yesterday.  See?  I was so excited that I took its picture as soon as I got done crocheting the squares together.  I wove in the tails right after this.  I plan to start knitting the strips today or tomorrow.

First I finished crocheting the hat for DIL1's new niece and knitted on the May Seamen's Cowl.  I want to finish those two things before casting on the first of the Sudoku strips.  Won't take long.

May 5--Robert Fried, DS5-004 Eiffel Tower, Paris.

the City of Lights
glimmers in imaginations
Romantics worldwide
of cafe au lait
Le Moulin Rouge
while work-a-days
plod in the real world

This afternoon I'm going to spend a couple hours working on the BLKG library cart while Durwood runs errands.  I can't wait until I can drive myself places.  I'm trying to wean back to one painkiller every 6 hours but I'm not sure how it's panning out now that I'm into the third day of it and any residual carryover has dissipated.  This pain management is tricky stuff.  Pain sucks. *confident nod*

P.S. For those interested, changing the sheets the other day was made easier by the use of the rolling desk chair that lives in my writing corner of the bedroom.  I did not do it all hopping on one foot, I'm not quite that stubborn--and I had the cleaning lady do the bed in the other room.  Again, not that stubborn.

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