Friday, May 27, 2016

Having a (Bird) Bath

Durwood told me the other day that one of the local robins has decided to bathe in the little dishes of the fountain rather than in the capacious birdbath that's more its size.  First it tried to bathe in the big base but it's too deep so it decided that the little saucers are the place to be.  Last night when we were eating he saw it and I got some pictures.  In the first one it has fluttered and splashed out all the water and is waiting for it to fill up again so it can have another go, as we see in the second picture.  

I had an odd day at work yesterday.  You could have heard a pin drop most of the day, the phone hardly even rang, but some alarm must have rung at 3:45 because between then and 5:05 I had a steady stream of customers and the phone barely stopped ringing. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't unhappy with either part of the day, it just amuses me how quickly and completely things change.

The quiet let me finish up the first Frustration Anklet, well, except for Kitchener-ing the toe because I didn't have a tapestry needle and a scissors.  I did that 10 minute job once I got home.  I'll cast on Anklet #2 later and see how the colors change by the time I get to the toe.  With any luck it'll be nearly white.  Remember the yarn ball?  See?

This morning when I went out to take the anklet's picture on the patio a bunny quietly hopped up for a little fallen birdseed breakfast.  The Bleeding Heart is still blooming away although the stalks are so top-heavy the thing's laying on the ground.  Maybe next year I'll remember to put some short fencing around it.  More Lilies of the Valley are blooming too making it smell oh so sweet when I open the patio door.

May 27--Truckshots, HNS-647.

Parabolic highway
stained red by the setting sun
slingshots freight
between black hills
to crumbling
flat-land cities

So are you packing up your camper and marshmallow toasting forks for the first weekend of the Summer?  Or are you like me, convinced it's going to rain so you're spending the weekend doing stuff around home?  I'm going to try to convince Durwood that we need to at least take a drive--maybe to Lena for some parmesan or to Kewaunee for some gouda.  Wish me luck.

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Aunt B said...

What a clever robin. No "public" bath for him. He prefers the private spa-like fountain. We expect rain down here this weekend too. Our anticipated guests from Winston aren't coming because of that so we're invited to an optimistic cook-out at a neighbors. Hope you get out for your cheese run.