Monday, May 16, 2016

And Back On Four Wheels

Look what appeared in my driveway yesterday evening.  It's my car!  My beloved bright red HHR has come back home to live in the driveway and take me thither and yon.  Today it brought me thither to work.  I don't care.  I'm very happy to have my wheels back.  I know I don't usually work on Mondays but Mrs. Boss is off doing something with her Water Buffaloes group (or something like that, I'm not real clear on their activities) and I said months ago that I'd work for her so I am.

Here are a couple more pictures of green things that I took yesterday.  I didn't want to overload you in yesterday's post, but how can you not want to see little fern fronds unfurling?  Or the lone, garden tulip?  Or the exuberance of the rhubarb?  (I did make that rhubarb pudding thing but not until too late to eat it so I'll take its picture and report on its flavor for tomorrow's post.  Can't cram all the goodness into one day.)

I shushed Durwood, settled the laptop on my lap on the couch (with my feet up and ice on my ankle), and learned how to do the cast on for the Cumulus sock I'm knitting for the Mason Dixon Knitting One-Sock-Knit-A-Long (KAL).  I didn't have any socks in progress so I decided to plunge into one of the patterns in that book I won last month.  I thought about using the blue variegated yarn I have in the stash (cumulus = clouds = blue, right?) but then I decided that'd be too predictable, so I grabbed this skein of sock yarn in the Sweet Autumn colorway and knew it was the right choice as soon as I started knitting.  I got the top of the toe-scallop done and a couple rows of the bottom of the toe-scallop knitted but it's my first time knitting with size 1 needles and they're very small and I tend to hold them in a death grip so I take lots of finger-flexing breaks.

The YouTube video I found to learn Judy's Magic Cast On, which is what the pattern called for, is an absolute hoot.  The woman is sitting in the grass and you can hear cicadas and chickens in the background, she kind of rambles, and at one point a chicken wanders through the shot.  I watched it giggling but you can bet I bookmarked it because I did learn the technique--and I hope she has posted more videos because everyone can use a laugh.

Here's May Preemie Hat #4.  I'm hoping to finish it today since it's the last of my May charity knitting plans, so I can concentrate on the sock.  I'd like to be close to done with the sock by the end of the month--which is only 2 more weeks.  Do you realize that in two weeks it's Memorial Day?  I know!  I can't believe it either, especially since I've been wasting away in Couch-land for 6 weeks and totally spaced on April.

May 16--Bob Jones, Jr., Airplane.

Bumper to bumper traffic
in the autumn dusk.
Thick overcast brings on the dark
even sooner than the season.
Winking taillights
make like fireflies
desperate for one more connection.
Approaching an overpass
I see a cockpit and wings
appear out of the gloom,
taxi across the highway.
Honking horns startle me,
I close the gap to the
stationary SUV ahead.

There's a taxiway at O'Hare in Chicago that crosses a freeway.  I was in a plane that crossed it once.  I often wonder what unsuspecting motorists think when an airplane passes overhead, its wings casting shadows like giant bats.  Toodle-oo, gotta at least pretend to work.

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Aunt B said...

Oh the pleasure of the old routine. Who knew going to work could be such a thrill?? And yes, that rhubarb is definitely exuberant. Love all the green.