Saturday, May 28, 2016

A Ho-Hum Day

That's yesterday in a nutshell and today doesn't look like much more than that.  We're still negotiating about a cheese store jaunt but right now Durwood's sleeping, it's getting dim and looks like more rain.  I am so glad that we learned our lesson years ago and stopped thinking that Memorial Day weekend was one to go camping on.  It almost always rains at least one of the days and wet sleeping bags in a wet tent get old real fast.

The one bright spot yesterday was a visit by a Goldfinch and his harem.

In the afternoon I cast on Frustration Anklet #2 and knitted on it through the afternoon rainstorm (and two episodes of Longmire and one of Firefly on Netflix) and Friday Night Knitting, and once I got home I stayed up to finish cleverknits' sole-and-sides-joining modifications.  The mods were clearly described and after reading the place where the original instructions and her changes come together a few times, I made it through with minimal hiccups.  I was hoping to get to the white yarn by the toe of Anklet #2 but I'm thinking I won't.  *sigh*  Ah well, such is life.

Durwood turned around, noticed Longmire on my TV, and said "what are you watching?"  (It's set in Wyoming and I'm seriously addicted to novels set in Wyoming so it looked like I was watching a western... well, I kind of was but a western sheriff not a cowboy) I told him I've listened to a couple Longmire audiobooks and was curious if I'd like the series.  It's okay, the characters don't look like the ones in my imagination (do they ever? well, except for Clark Gable as Rhett Butler in Gone With the Wind) I have to confess that I don't listen to much uplifting literature while I knit, I mostly listen to mysteries and thrillers, and on TV I usually watch either nature shows or a home or yard rehab show, but sometimes they're on PBS so that counts as uplifting, right?  I'm getting into Aerial America on the Smithsonian Channel (that counts as uplifting too, doesn't it?) lately although it's so danged visual that it's hard to knit and watch at the same time.  I need some truly mindless knitting for shows like that.

Last night on my way out of Goodwill I spied some fabric storage cubes on an end display.  When I got there I saw one round one that looked like it was made out of ticking.  I like ticking.  I pulled it down only to discover that it was a nest of three of them, individually priced of course, so I tugged out the middle-sized one and bought it.  It's the perfect size to corral all the yarn that has invaded my nest and it was only six bucks.  I am seriously tempted to hop in the car and go ransom the other two if they're still there.  I don't need them but I like them and I want them.  I'll think about it.

May 28--Truckshots, CTW-35.

Sunlight glints off
the shiny silver trailer
Four tires blur
beside my window
Semi vs. Sedan
a mismatch
if ever there was one

That's it for today.  I got the sheets in the washer already and want to get more laundry done today too.  I want to go downstairs and play with my yarn stash, getting more of it located on Ravelry, while the wash washes and dries.  I plan exciting weekends, don't I?  Maybe we'll cheese later.

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Aunt B said...

The goldfinch is definitely the headline of the day -- although that fabric storage tote is a close second. Very little rain here -- so far. But that storm is out there somewhere.