Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Oh, What the Hell

After waiting a few days to hear from the Cumulus sock designer about how she picks up stitches so I can try it her way, I flung my hands in the air, knitted my stitches onto a bamboo circular needle and decided that I'd make my own way.  It's only knitting.


Yesterday morning I whipped up some egg salad for this week's lunches and then made a batch of breakfast burritos for Durwood.  He'd brought home white corn tortillas instead of flour tortillas so the first couple cracked when I rolled them up, but I shoved them back into the microwave for another round of heating and for the most part they behaved for the rest of the assembling.

By then I was pretty exhausted so I spent some time outside on the patio with my knitting, got a few rounds of the footie foot done, and watched a very determined chipmunk try to eat its weight in fallen birdseed and cracked corn.  All the while I was out there the wren was calling and calling but he hid in the leaves so I couldn't take his picture.  I sure hope he attracts a mate soon.  He's exhausting himself with all his nest making and singing.


Look what I picked this morning.  The lilies of the valley are starting to bloom.  Mm, they smell so good.

I didn't write a prompt last night and I sure didn't this morning since I woke up to go to the bathroom at 5-ish and couldn't go back to sleep.  NOW I feel like I could sleep again but it's nearly time to leave for work.  *sigh*  To add insult to injury some of my writer friends are at The Clearing right now--and I'm not.  Not that I'd be able to get around with my walker on the sawdust paths or climb the stone steps to the Lodge for meals but... they're there and I'm NOT.  Wah!  I'm signing off before I send myself into a complete decline.

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Aunt B said...

There's something about that green plastic wrap that makes those burrittos look like space food. Is that still some from your mother's stash?