Tuesday, May 3, 2016

I'm Addicted, I Admit It

Remember I told you about the pop-up books I've been ordering used from Amazon for LC?  I got the fifth one in the series yesterday and realized as I sat carefully repairing the bent and torn places, that these books aren't for LC and OJ, they're for me.  It also came to me that I'm glad I bought them used because I get a kind of deep satisfaction from fixing them.  The fixes aren't invisible, not by a long shot, but for some reason that makes them more special in my eyes.  The one that came yesterday is called White Noise and each page makes a scratchy sound as you open it.  This page was the most damaged; I'll be spending today coloring little pieces of cardstock red and taping them across the worst of the bends and folds, and on one other page there's a loose end that I can't for the life of me see where it should attach.  Maybe I can find a new one in a bookstore to look at to see what's missing.  I think I'll be moving these 5 books to a different place so that they're out of sight.

This "author" (seems like more of a paper artist/engineer to me) has another series of books that started with How Many Bugs in a Box? that is evidently his claim to fame in the kids' book world.  I ordered that too and it came yesterday.  It'll be perfect for Baba to read with LC the next time she visits.

I started crocheting a sun hat for the other new baby in our extended family. DIL1's brother welcomed a new daughter, ZM, to their family so she needs a hat too.  I say so and I am always right, so I found some pretty, cheerful cotton yarn and I'm making her a hat like the one I made for OJ.  I started a different pattern but I just wasn't feeling it so I ripped it out and began again.  This is better.  I thought I'd find a pattern to crochet a flower to sew onto her hat.

Today I get a haircut.  I cancelled one shortly after breaking my ankle.  Now that I can get around a little better it's time to go and get it done.  Afterward we'll stop to get Durwood's left hearing aid looked at.  It conked out right after I got hurt so he's been pretty consumed with keeping body and soul together since then but he's noticing the lack of that aid (of course, it's the ear he needs the help with the most) so after my haircut we're going to see Larry.

May 3--Lava Field.

Slow flowing
streams of fire
in their cold, black beds
drip new Earth
into the sea.
Madame Pele
gives birth.

Short and sweet.  Durwood and I have always dreamed of diving off Hawaii to witness lava emerging into the ocean.  It isn't allowed, the water's full of noxious chemicals and acid, but it sure looks cool on TV, doesn't it?  Gotta go, the beloved cleaning lady just pulled up.  She is $78 worth of pure joy in my heart every four weeks when she arrives.

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Aunt B said...

Who doesn't love pop-up books? Certainly not me. And I agree -- you're really buying them for yourself but you have the perfect excuse. LC and OJ. Just one more of the zillions of reasons those two are in your life. And yay for a haircut. You'll feel like a whole new woman.