Saturday, April 24, 2021


The day started out partly sunny but soon the clouds rolled in and then--drizzle.  Naturally I went out to take the tosses to Goodwill and stop at ALDI for grapes and a few other things just as the drizzle decided to become rain.  I noticed that as soon as I got home it stopped.  Evidently I attract rain.  So tiresome.

I spent the afternoon reading the manuscript I printed out yesterday.  I didn't get through it all, of course, but I got to the places where the scenes are out of place and I think I figured out where to move some of them.  I'm thinking I might cut up the pages to shift things around.  Maybe.

I wasn't in the mood to knit today but I started another cast sock and knitted a few, very few, rounds before watching some TV.  I don't know why I'm not in the mood to knit much lately but I won't stop altogether.  I promise.

Today's toss was a short stack of workout pants.  I pulled them all out and tried them all on and the too baggy ones went into the box for Goodwill.  Part of me thinks I could go back to the Y, schedule times with Tim the Trainer (if he's still there), and spend some time on the machines but the deepest part of me thinks that's a bad idea even though I'm all vaccinated.  Guess I'll wait until the numbers start slowing down before I rejoin the Y.

The prompt today said to think of your favorite piece of music and how it makes you feel.  My favorite is Rhapsody in Blue and it makes me feel dreamy and calm.  It also evokes an old memory of being in the living room of one of Mom's friends, sitting by her baby grand piano, and listening to the Rhapsody for the first time.  I had to be less than 10 years old but I remember it like it was yesterday, that snapshot of a room and the sound of the piano.


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Aunt B said...

I was out in the rain last week too -- but in a downpour. Could hardly see to drive home and why I didn't just pull over and wait, I don't know. Like your experience, as soon as I got home, it stopped! I love your Rhapsody in Blue memory. Funny how something like that can be so vivid in your mind after many years.