Friday, October 7, 2011

Yesterday Was An Off Day

Off the road, that is. We toured ourselves around Marquette, seeing the historic downtown, the ore docks and hills of iron ore, an actual ore carrier being loaded (it's a very noisy process, those little pellets make quite a racket sliding down the chutes), and a YARN SHOP. I exhibited admirable restraint in the yarn shop, only buying 4 skeins of yarn and a much-needed set of US 17 Double-Pointed Needles. I am control personnified. After watching the carrier load we drove down the shore road stopping at a park where I flew my kite. It fairly leaped into the air; it was a lovely fly. I need to name my poison dart frog kite. What's the Spanish word for purple? Red? After a non-pasty lunch (gasp!) we went back to the motel where we loafed around, Durwood snoozed, I sat at an outdoor table at the back of the motel and blogged. We went to supper at Villa Capri, a vision of of black and red Italian-ness with excellent food. They had a 2' X 4' montage of The Godfather. It was, um, breathtaking. The salad dressing was very mild but tasty with a tiny bit of salami, pepperoni, and cheese; and came witgh lovely garlic bread. We both ordered the Italian Festa--1 chicken cacciatori, 1 meatball, 1 Italian sausage. Durwood had the lasagna on the side; I had the 1/2 spinach fettucini alfredo-1/2 gnocci with meat sauce. The lasagna was the better choice. We made quite a bit of it go away, but there was just too much to eat it all. It was elastic waists all around when we got to the room.

October 6--Egypt, Statuette of Isis and Horus. It wasn't supposed to be this hard, Isis though as she held her screaming son. The baby's cries had gone beyond hunger to frantic in no time. Baby Horus was red and dry-eyed, his arms flailed and his legs were stiff. No amount of soothing helped calm him down enough to let him nurse. If only they didn't have an audience. The people around the room murmured but no one dared step up and help her. She felt her let-down relex and milk began to leak from both of her breasts, the relief brought tears to her eyes. White drops of milk spattered the baby's face and a drop of two of the sweetish liquid must have fallen in his mouth. He closed his mouth as he inhaled and rooted into her breast, his red lips questing for her nipple. He latched on and began to gulp the life-giving fluid. His tiny limbs relaxed and gradually she began to relax too. It was too much pressure for a girl with a new baby to have to nurse him in front of the entire court, let alone have them all ogling her bare breasts.

Okay, that's it for you today. I'm hungry and ready to go find some fresh whitefish for supper. Mmm.

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