Monday, October 10, 2011


and the laundry starts today. Ugh. Good thing we have the lovely Durwood to tackle that. He likes the exercise of walking up and down the stairs and I don't have to do it. Works for me. We didn't buy too many souvenirs on our trek around the U.P.

Got an on-sale hoodie in Copper Harbor,

some sassy buttons for the Friday Night Knitters,

a pasty t-shirt in Munising ("Muldoons" doesn't seem to go with Cornish pasties, does it?),

some pasty buttons in Christmas, MI,

and (best of all) an original Simon Levin wood-fired bowl at the studio tour in Gresham (WI). You can see in the picture that I've finished today's crossword but you can't see that I also finished today's Sudoku, which I'm really no good at but can do the easiest ones.

Aside from the previously shown yarn and fabric, that is. (heh) See I'm Knitting, not Smoking where I'm also blogging daily for that.

October 9--Peru, Pair of Earflares. It's like a puzzle that needs solving. Moche used a fiber from a jungle vine to cut the soft turquoise stones so that they fit together in the gold frame. Only Moche and his father Samosa out of the whole tribe knew how to work the valuable stone with the minimum of waste. Sometimes the stone is too soft or breaks too easily and the work takes too long. Last year the metal smith tried to make off with a few ounces of gold. He only made it a few hundred feet down the mountain before he was caught and sacrificed.

I just realized that today would have been my mother-in-law's 103rd birthday. Happy birthday, Vi!

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