Sunday, October 23, 2011

Going On

We're all staggering forward after yesterday's shocking news. It's amazing, isn't it, how resilient human beings are? We got slammed with the worst possible news yesterday morning and pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps (or bra straps, as the case may be) and trundled forward, dragging or supporting each other as needed. My brothers and I (and one sister-in-law) went to the funeral home and "made the arrangements." That's a euphemism for trying to not spend too much money but to honor Mom as best we can. It was grueling, but not as bad as it could have been. Mom and I went there a couple years ago, looked at the packages, talked about what she wanted, and got an estimate. She couldn't afford to prepay anything but at least we knew what she wanted. We had a folder. Do this for your loved ones, I implore you. It was still long and arduous and felt more like some surreal business deal than a plan to celebrate Mom, but it could have been much worse. Thanks, TW and AJ for being good men.
October 22--Mesopotamia, Nimrud, Figre of a Tribute Bearer with an Oryx, a Monkey, and Leopard Skin. He stands there all proud of himself with the tribute. What does he think I'll do with a monkey? I don't want a monkey. They crap all over and they get into everything. And an oryx, you can't tame an oryx. I'll just have to either build it a pen and hire some kid to take care of it or have it roasted and use the hide to make a purse. Maybe I can use those horns for something useful or at least decorative. There's not a damned thing useful about a monkey though, no matter how positive a spin you put on it. That leopard skin looks pretty good though. Maybe I can get a robe trimmed with it made before winter. It gets darned cold around the palace in winter, especially at night. I see several of my wives eyeing the leopard skin but I'm not so sure I want to share it, not this time. They can have the monkey. It can wreak havoc in the women's quarters; that's fine with me. Perhaps we can keep the oryx with the goats. Hm, I do like its horns. Maybe we can make some sort of scepter with them.

I've got other chores I should be attending to. People start gathering today so I need to chase a little dust and swish around in the bathroom. Thanks for thinking of me.

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