Friday, October 14, 2011


That's Mom's orders today from the doc, "rise from your pallet and walk." (Didn't Haysoos tell some leper or cripple something like that in the Bible? He had a lot of nerve, didn't he? Maybe the guy had a good scam going so people brought him stuff and left him alone to read magazines and eat Turkish Delight and didn't want to have to get up and walk, needing to get a job. Did He think about that? Huh?) Sorry. I think my brain's off on a siding and my fingertips are on their own just pounding out random gibberish. Too much to do today, too much to do. We're off to the attorney's office to sign our powers of attorney, wills, and... um... oh yeah, our trust documents to protect our chillens from having to pay probate costs. Then I'm off on Mom-errands--pick up her fixed glasses, go to her apartment to find her phone books so she can schmooze her bridge pals while she's laid up, and then go visit her. After that I'll stop at Wally-World for various mushrooms and chocolate chips (nice combo, eh?) and the dollar store to find some "elegant" table favors for Sunday's Family Supper. (Ceramic pumpkins, anyone?) On my way home I'll zip into the birdseed store for safflower and finch food. Gotta keep our feathered friends stoked for their migration or their stay in the tundra. At home I'll tackle the dust buffaloes and hide all my knitting and sewing crappola so it looks like I keep a tidy home (as if anyone cares) and evict Ol' Cesspool from behind the toilet. That should do it for me. I'll light out for Harmony Cafe around 5:30 to knit for the evening with my buds and that'll be that. (Don't you wish you were me? I know you do.) Hey, have you discovered Pinterest? It's a place to "pin" all those nifty recipes, books, decorator ideas, craft projects, etc. that you find online and want to remember.

October 13--James Morrisset, Presentation Smallsword. "You are not taking that to show and tell, Jamie, take it right out of your backpack." James could tell by her tone of voice that there was no arguing with Mom about it. She was seldom as firm about things but he knew that she didn't like weapons of any kind. Dad had insisted that he'd keep the cabinet with the guns and swords locked at all times but James had found it open last night and made his move.

Not an inspirational prompt with a brain fried like mine is. I'm just happy to be staying conscious. Off to erranding!

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popping over to check out your blog from Blogtoberfest- HELLO!