Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Finally yesterday we were in a place where there are open stores that weren't tourist traps or bait shops. We stopped in a rock shop to get some info about identifying agates on the beach. I thanked them by buying a couple of mineral chip bracelets.

We were coming into town and saw the morning mist rising off Portage Lake. With the sun on the changed leaves we had to stop to take a lot of pictures.

Here's a telephoto shot of a lakeside walking path I'd like to explore with my friend Skully.

We stopped at Walmart so that Durwood could see his friend Mary the greeter. They had only a short time to chat but both really enjoyed seeing each other. I managed to spend a quarter of my "mad" money in their fabric department. (Our Walmart doesn't even have fabric anymore.)

The lady in the rock shop directed us to Roy's Bakery for "the best pasties in town." Not having eaten all the pasties in town, I can't agree but they were worlds better than the m
icrowaved ones we had in Ontonagon yesterday. The search continues in Copper Harbor later.

I discovered the address of a fabric/yarn shop in downtown Houghton so we went there. The fabrics were mostly "eh" except for a few fat quarters but I managed to find a few keepers in the yarn department. Like the Weekend Neck Down Pullover pattern from Knitting
Pure & Simple.

Like the gray and red skein of fibranatura Yummy 100% Superwash Merino (370 yds.) DK.

Or the skein of hot-colored Ty-Dy 100% Wool (218 yds.) worsted.

We had to change motels because there wasn't a room with 2 beds at the one we were in. We're out of the habit of being able to sleep together in a double bed. Dratted king size bed! I'm blaming Grandma Carol for moving so we got her bed. Our new motel was a few miles north of Houghton/Hancock so we'd be that much closer to Copper Harbor tomorrow. I can't wait to get back to the Lake Superior shore. I thought all the places we'd be up here
would be along the lake but they're not. Imagine that.

On the way to the motel we passed the enormous Quincy Mine Hoist, it's the biggest thing around.

We drove to find a different yarn shop in Lake Linden (but it was closed on Monday) but we saw this along the road. Cool, eh? (I was goin
g to write "huh" but we're so close to Canada I thought I should say "eh")

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