Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Doo-Dah, Doo-Dah

I feel ready to get back into the race after Durwood bore me off in his chariot last night. Mom left a message while we were gone and sounded a bit more like herself, so I'm encouraged that I haven't lost my sassy Mom just yet. It's dreary and drizzly today so I should have worn red shoes today but I didn't. I'll do better tomorrow. It's funny how off-balance I feel, how distracted I am even though there's nothing tangible I can do to hurry her recovery. Maybe it's just selfishness wanting things to be back to normal, thank you very much. Did I tell you that Skully, Maggie, Porter and I saw a doe on our walk yesterday? We did! She was on a trail across the creek and didn't run away when we first saw each other. I took her picture with my new camera and now I have to figure out how to get it out of there and onto the computer so I can crop it and enlarge it. (That's an image I yoinked off Wikipedia) Porter didn't balk one time on the whole walk and even Henny and Penny pecked at my fingers when I bent down to talk to them when I took Porter home. I must be getting in touch with my pet gene--finally

October18--Callot Soeurs Design House, Dress. You wouldn't expect nuns to make dresses like this but you'd be wrong. This dress is demure and modest and fabulous. Who but a nun would combine an empeccalbe black wool with gold embroidered oranage silk? After all nuns spend most of their time watching a man in a long black robe and rich silk vestments celebrate Mass. Julie smoothed the tunic over her hips enjoying the weight of the fabric and the way it draped. The deep silk cuffs reined in the generous sleeves and the simple neckline was the perfect foil for her new bob. Papa had been scandalized when she came home from having her hair cut but Mama had laughed. "Oh, Georges, a modern girl needs modernn hair, and think of how easy it will be to keep clean." She raised a hand to her own lush auburn hair, a speculative gleam filled her eye, and she removed the pins and let it fall. Papa put an arm around her waist and pulled her into his study. Julie hoped he didn't yell at Mama and hurried to her room so that she wouldn't overhear if he did.

Ah, innocent youth. Gotta work.


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