Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Lucky Start

Last night after supper I was sending our orange peels down the disposal when I spotted this in the backyard. It seemed a good omen for the success of our week of wandering through Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

On the drive up we stopped in Wittenburg, WI at Nueske's smokehouse f
or a cheddar brat for lunch. Mmm. (You should be jealous.)

There was a gigantic Loon along the highway in Mercer!

We went to The Liberty Bell Chalet in Hurley, WI for supper. Durwood had the lasagna, I had homemade sausage and peppers on penne. I've been craving garlic bread for weeks so I ordered so
me. It was to die for. No, that's not right. To. Die. For. I could only eat one piece; it was so buttery, garlicky, and cheesy I knew if I ate more I'd deeply regret it for days so I was mature and smart--and left the rest go. *sigh*

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Aunt B said...

What restraint!!! How did you manage to leave the rest of that bread behind? You're definitely a grown-up, mature person!! And what luck finding $10 in your back yard. Certainly a good omen!