Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dog Walked? Check.

Our sometimes stubborn grand-dog, Porter, was much more cooperative today on our walk with Julie and Dusty. Neither of them brought their dogs so she was the sole recipient of pats and "good girl"s. She only balked twice and I just kept walking. Not liking being dragged she came along. Now if I can only figure out how to make her stop eating goose poop. Ick. The weather is gorgeous (for maybe one more day, the weather guessers say) and the colored leaves are falling. It's just beautiful outside around here. Days like these are what keep us here. The only thing left to do today is drop by the attorney's office to sign our new wills, powers of attorney documents, and ... something else but I can't remember what. I'll just sign where they tell me. I cut out another skirt week before last and I'd like to sew it so I can wear it before the snow flies but I really don't want to closet myself in the basement on such a glorious day. Maybe I'll sit outside and read or write. Hmmm, maybe I could take my newest, most portable machine out to the patio and sew there. I'll have to think on it. That'd kill two stones with one bird, wouldn't it?

October 10--Egypt, Roman Period, Portrait of the Boy Eutyches. Tyke hated picture day. His mom got all wound up about what he should wear and made sure he had a comb so he could neaten his hair before his turn. He didn't know why he needed his picture made anyway. Once all the grannies and aunties oohed and ahhed over the new picture for a week it would get shuffled off into a box under a bed or in the back of a closet. The only thing it'll ever be good for is embarrassing him when he brings his new bride home to meet his mother. He can see it now, a pretty young woman being polite looking at a raft of these pictures of him looking like a dweeb.

I know it's going to look like I posted this before noon but when I got to the end of the first section Mom called not feeling well, I took her to the ER, and she's got a burst appendix so she'll be having surgery in about 3 hours. God! This has got to be the punishment for her having fun at her 65th high school reunion last weekend and us having fun in the UP. Gah.

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Larissa said...

Just wanted to say hi! Found your blog from Blogtoberfest - hope you're enjoying it!