Friday, October 21, 2011

Freaky Friday

It is Friday, right? Yeah, it is, I just checked the newspaper. Whew, if it wasn't I'd be late for work. We went to the bank this morning to talk about refinancing our mortgage and talked to the nicest Indian lady (East, not First Nations [I think I like that better than Native American]). We may be able to pay the same and pay it off sooner. Wouldn't that be nice? Now I'm waiting for DS to get off work and come over with our grand-dog, Porter, so we can go to the dog park and let her run. She really wants to run on our walks but my running days are way over. I let her out into her own backyard when we get back and she can run there (it's deep and fenced) but it's not the same as having acres to run in. DS and I will walk along the trails and let her frolic with any available dogs. Good times. It's supposed to be partly sunny today but so far the sun is a no-show. I'm thinking I'll mow this weekend, I wish it'd be the last time but I'm not betting on it. And, of course, I'll visit Mom at least once a day. Tonight's knitting and we've got yummy leftovers--Chicken Mushroom Hash. Don't you wish you were coming over? Durwood makes the best stuff. Last night we had baked swordfish basted with butter and garlic juice and steamed kohlrabi. We've gotten to where we like our veggies steamed with just a bit of butter, salt and pepper, no fancy herbs or sauces, just the fresh, clean taste of the veggies. I could eat a whole plate full right now. What do people who don't like veggies eat?

October 20--Edouard Manet, The Brioche. The house smelled so good, of baking bread and ripe peaches. Michel's mouth watered thinking of the crisp crust of the brioche and the taste of butter, spread and melting, over it. This time of year when all the fruit is ripening in the orchard down behind the shed was his favorite. He'd sit in the shade with the slow buzz of bees and wasps around him and eat. He'd start with peaches; they ripened first. Then came the plums, apples and finally the pears in October when the leaved had already started to turn. The wheat, ground in the mill down by the stream, was grown in the neighborhood and made into brioche by Pascal in his brick oven in the village.

Okay, now I want to bake bread. Too bad I don't have any dough ready in the fridge. Have you even discovered Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day? They have simple recipes for making small boules (round loaves) of bread quickly and easily. DS made wheat cornmeal dough and formed small rolls to go with our soups for last Sunday's supper. I should whip up some dough today so I can bake Sunday. Hasta la vista, babies!

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Aunt B said...

I'm married to one of those people who doesn't like veggies -- and it's the pits!!! I meant to comment yesterday about your Sweetest Day surprise. Whatta guy!! But you definitely deserve the gifts. Glad Marl is going to do the PT. She's just GOT to cooperate! I'll call her again today and try to give her some more encouragement. Thanks for the update yesterday. Love you --- MORE! Oh no, that's D's line!