Monday, October 17, 2011


Need I say more? It's still cool and windy, but today it doesn't feel whimsical and friendly at all, like it did yesterday, even though it's sunny as all get out. Mom was good yesterday and in the depths this morning. She called me about an hour ago to say she's feeling better but she was also obviously doped to the eyeballs. I hope she makes enough progress soon so that she can go to the rehab. To me that'll mean that she's on the mend. The inaugural Sunday Family Supper went well last night. Everyone liked the soups and we had a nice visit, Porter even came. She spent suppertime outside since some of the housewarming attendees last month fed her from their plates so she learned that goodies come from the table. DS & DIL1 are not thrilled.

October 16--Byzantine, The Fieschi Morgan Staurotheke. No one was ever going to use the ancient set of encyclopedias taking up so much shelf space in the library. It seemed like a sacrilege to get rid of them or to cut them apart but the Internet had more relent information available at the touch of a button--or ten. As she removed the heavy books one by one and odd assortment of objects fell out: a silver flash (she shook it) not empty,

I was happy to get that much down. I was bushed after having company and cleaning up. I even washed all the heavy pots before I sat down on the couch. But I should have drunk more coffee with caffeine this morning, I'm drifting off.


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Aunt B said...

Glad your Sunday Night Supper went well. I knew it would. Sorry to read that Marl was down in the dumps. When I talked with her on Sunday, she said she was going to rehab the next day. I'll be glad when she gets over there too. Thanks for the upddate.