Saturday, October 1, 2011

A-a-a-and We're Off!

Durwood's off having breakfast with his Census 2000 cronies while I finish up things like filling all the birdfeeders, packing up this laptop (but not before I post to both blogs), and taking a shower. Oh, and of course, dressing too. Then we're going to drive off toward Ironwood, MI in the far western UP to begin our week of wandering. The weather's supposed to be warm and sunny so we've picked the exact right time to go.

Today is also the first day of Blogtoberfest, a challenge started by tinniegirl in Australia a few years ago to post to your blog every day in October. I've signed up both this blog and my knitting/crocheting/sewing/crafting blog so I have set myself an uber-challenge. Not so uber-y because I usually post to this blog every day, but uber-y enough when you consider that I also plan to work my way through Shut Up & Write (by my friend and teacher, Judy Bridg
es) this month in preparation for NaNoWriMo next month. Oh, I am a glutton for punishment. But only for myself, the rest of you can take the month off.

Mrs. Boss called yesterday to say that one of our customers had dropped off a box of squash from his garden for me. Look! Too cool, right? I can see bowl after bowl of yummy squash soup and hot steamy bowls of lovely baked squash for suppers. Mmmm. Thanks, Merlyn!

September 30--Iran, Ilkhand Period, Necklace. Gia lay on the cool tiles as the daylight faded. The air had been like breathing flames all afternoon but once the sun sank behind the mountains the air cooled rapidly. She heard the musical splash of the fountain in the courtyard and wondered if she had the energy to rise and take a shower. She felt as though sand had filtered into every part of her clothing and even her mouth tasted gritty. Javan had taken her riding this morning out to an oasis where they had eaten with a band of nomads. The men had dark eyes sunken deep from squinting into the desert sun all their lives. Their wives were silent and almost invisible. Gia had hoped to spend time with them but they shook their heads and spread their hands in apology when she poke to them, and then they'd disappeared into the shadows.

Okay, that's it for today. Off to the knitting, etc. blog and then my few remaining chores and then off we charge into the sunset.

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