Saturday, October 1, 2011

Blogtoberfest Starts Today!

(Well, that was stupid. I hit "enter" by mistake after typing the title and it posted. Won't do that again. Often.)

I'm down to the last few chores to do before we drive off into the sunset toward the U.P. to goof off all week and look at pretty scenery. I've already scoped out two yarn shops, one in Houghton and one in Marquette, and ascertained that they'll be open the days that we'll be in each city. We packed last night and will soon load up the Uplander and head out.

Thanks to my dive shop customer, Merlyn, we have a lovely box of winter squash from his garden. Aren't they pretty? They'll make lovely meals as the weather turns. Thanks!

Last night at knitting I made sure to take photos of everyone's project so I'll have a stockpile of pix for this month. Of course I forgot to ask anyone to take MY photo, and I didn't take one person's photo (Helen) because she wasn't working on a project, she was just goofing off. Here's Julia knitting a lime green with sparkly pink fuzzy yarn mitten for today's fiber photo. It's very warm and very cool looking in person even without a thumb yet.

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