Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Girl Can Never Have Too Much

jewelry. That's right, Aunt B, I found more. Mom's jewelry box was in the garage (the garage?!?) and it had 2 watches and a bunch of jewelry, including an "M" heart necklace I bought for her for Mother's Dad when I was about seven, in it. I remember because Grandma was helping me and told me that "M" stood for Maralee, I told her no, that was for Mom. Silly Grandma. Durwood and I rejoiced in sitting own at the table, just the two of us, and eating real food like veggies (that skillet's full of all the veggies left from the deli trays) and then we shared an orange. Ah, it was good to get back to eating the way we like too. He said he misses cooking and I miss having good, healthy food. And fruit. I love fruit (I usually have at least 3 and up to 5 servings a day) and have hardly eaten any all week. What does scurvy feel like? I'm having yogurt for dessert tonight too, with 3 Fig Thins cookies on the side. And tomorrow I'm meeting Cookie and Skully at The Attic Cafe & Books to knit in the afternoon. I'm hoping to not step foot in Mom's apartment all day. I need a break.

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Aunt B said...

Words fail me! I cannot believe you found even more. And glad you've seen the end of the veggies. This is just a suggestion but have you thought about donating that beautiful pink doll dress and bonnet for that raffle??? Instead of struggling around to finish the cheerleading outfit? Maybe you want to keep that one because it really is so special but you've got so much still to do. Just a thought! I still can't talk about her without crying. Love to Don. He's a prince!