Monday, October 31, 2011

Look What We Found!

You know how some commercials stick in your head long after they've stopped playing them? And the odd critter some ad-man dreamed up decades ago stays there too? Well, we found 2 such icons of the past when we were sorting through Mom's things last week. The first was a bag filled with California Raisins. They were huge in the '80s.

The second discovery was The Noid, which was Domino's way of guaranteeing their pizza would arrive hot so you wouldn't be "a Noid." God, I love puns. Sometimes.

October 30--Robert Nunns and John Clark, Square Piano. I like to lean on the leg of the piano when Chelsea practices. I like the way the notes vibrate through the wood and into me. Most of the time she doesn't know I'm there but this one time she was playing along, kind of talking to herself, and I brushed her leg with my foot. It was an accident. Really it was, but she screamed bloody murder and brought the whole household running into the parlor to see what was the matter. She cried and I got sent to my room and told never to hide under there again. It's not fair. She gets to have music lessons and I don't. I tried to get her to teach me but she won't. She says I don't have an ear. I said that I have two ears just like everyone else but she said that right there proves that I don't have an ear. Maybe I can borrow hers whatever it is.

Well, back to work. It seems like it's been 6 months since I've been there instead of merely a week. Titanic changes in my life in that week.

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Aunt B said...

Yes, trying to get back to normal here too. You could probably post a different picture every day for a month just from stuff unearthed last week! I'm wearing that friendship bracelet I found my last night up there. XXXX