Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gales of October

Whoo, it's windy! Naturally it isn't blowing away all the leaves out of our yard. There's also been a bit of drizzley rain to stick them to the grass so they're staying put, darn it. I have to say that the wind livens up the days for me. If they'd just been gray and still I think I'd have been sunk even deeper into a funk, one that even fudge couldn't pull me out of. I am wearing red shoes today to counteract the effects of the weather. I know it seems silly but my red fingernails and red shoes really do perk me up when I'm feeling down. I see them as sort of flipping the world the bird in a semi-ladylike manner. And, of course, my socks never match so there's another "in your face, fashionistas" that I practice every day. I gotta be me. I saw more of the real Mom yesterday and this morning when I stopped at the rehab. She was up and eating a bit of breakfast, refusing pain pills except at bedtime and much more outward looking today. Thank. God. I was so relieved I almost cried. Speaking of red fingernails I need to get them filled and shortened tomorrow. They're so long I'm making even more typos than usual.

October 19--Rene Jules Lalique, Necklace. It was easy to see why the family fought over the swan necklace. It was a breathtaking assemblage of gold, opals, and enamel. Jules had given it to Marceline upon the birth of one of their many children. She wrote to her mother about how the opals flashed their fire and how cold the matal was against her skin. The Art Deco nudes that were a pare to each pendant caused a bit of a scandal. Marceline looked down her nose at the hissing old buffalos, those old ladies with their moth-eaten gowns trailing black lace who gossipped behind their fans, and shut them right up.

I'd love to see that necklace in person, much less be able to wear it. It was breathtaking. And now I think I'll play with glue and stickers for a bit. I love my job.


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Aunt B said...

So glad you're wearing the ruby slippers and feeling a little more "up" today. I called Marl yesterday and gave her a big, big pep talk. Hope it works but it's gonna take time! P.S. I wondered what wonderful contribution DS&DL1 brought to the Sunday night supper and that cheesecake looked scrumptious!