Sunday, October 9, 2011

Whoa, Nellie

I almost missed posting today, good thing I remembered. I mowed the lawn and brushed by the milkweeds I keep for the monarch butterflies and a bunch of the seed pods burst open and a cloud of them followed me around the backyard for a lap. They're so pretty.

The tree in the front yard is trying keep some leaves in every color. So
me, the red/yellow/orange ones are falling and the green ones are still sticking, the plain yellow ones are falling too, trying to bury my car when I park it on the street.

You should see the chrysanthymums blooming against the front of the house. I could sit and look at the deep red and bronze ones all day.

We opened the house up this morning and look at what is just hanging there outside the window of the second bedroom. It's big and just beautiful. It is outside so there's no need to be creeped out, DD. I know you're cringing just looking at it.

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