Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Well, Hell

Sorry I missed posting yesterday but Mom decided to have a burst appendix so I spent the day in the ER and various hospital waiting rooms. I didn't even have time to change out of my sweaty walking clothes before I had to run to see what was up with Mom. Thank God the darned thing didn't rupture on her ride home (with DS driving) from her 65th high school class reunion on Monday. I was totally planning a relaxing afternoon in the autumn sunshine. I even thought about carrying my most portable sewing machine out onto the patio and sewing up the skirt I cut out in the lovely weather. But taking care of Mom took precedence, of course. I knitted on the Sea Foam scarf in the ER and the MeWarmer while she was in surgery but haven't taken pictures of either yet. Just trust me, progress was made and I think I may have invented a bizarre hybrid of the seafoam stitch but I was too cross-eyed to really tell. Here's a picture of Mom's knitting project from last winter so you won't grump that there's no yarn-y content. I know how you get.

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