Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bye, Mom

This morning just before 8 o'clock my lovely mother breathed her last. She'd had a burst appendix about 10 days ago and was in a rehab center trying to get better so she could get back to her busy schedule of playing bridge with friends, sewing doll clothes, and watching college football games on TV especially the Wisconsin Badgers. That was not the way I wanted to wake up today, I'm telling you, but I'm glad she died this way instead of having to die by inches with cancer or to lose her marbles to Alzheimer's. It's damned hard on those of us left behind but easy on her, she just stopped breathing and slipped away. She was a strong and awesome role model and a super mom. I'm going to miss her daily post-bridge game phone calls. I never understood how to play bridge but she'd tell me every high and low just the same. What am I going to do without her? (That's the photo we're putting in the obit in the paper. Looks just like her, inside and out.)

October 21--Savinien Edme Dubourjal, Anne Charlotte Lynch (Later Mrs. Vincenzo Botta)

So still she sits
with her shining eyes
boring into his soul
Innocence defined
by her closed lips
demure, modest, refined.
The lovely Anne,
comely miss,
seeing Paris in spring
with Papa and Mama.
Off to Italy within the week
where matrimony looms
to the Vincenzo
of her dreams.

If I'm not mistaken someone's smoking weed somewhere in the neighborhood. I can smell the musky smoke every once in a while. How stupid do kids think adults are?

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Aunt B said...

I'm so glad you're using that picture for her obit. It truly defines her as you said -- inside and out. She never met a stranger and was such a wonderful person. I wonder too how I'm going to go on without her in my life. See you Monday. Love you - XXX