Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I Got Busy...

today and didn't get around to blogging until now.  I crossed the bridge as the sun tried to pry its way between the horizon and the thick overcast this morning, and again this evening when the clouds had flown and the sun was turning the blue sky orange.  In my perfect world I'll have a high perch so I can see the sun and the moon and stars without all the trees and houses and wires in my way.  In my perfect world.

I got to spend a little time with LC this afternoon and picked up my knitting while she sat in her Kick & Play making sounds and lights go, but she caught sight of my hands doing the knitting dance and she was riveted.  As soon as I can be pretty sure she won't poke a needle up her nose or in her eye I'll teach her how.

April 1--Papua New Guinea, Eharo Mask.  Jacob wouldn't let her go, he would hold onto her.  Rachel knew it, and he wouldn't go without her.  Then he went.  She found the note tacked to her screen the morning he left, "I had to go for the credits, for the experience. Jake"  Not "love Jake" just "Jake" as if his parents or his guy friends would see it and tease him.  Their parents said they were too young to be in love but it didn't matter what your age was, when it was right you knew it.  Now Jacob was on his way to Papua New Guinea for the summer to work on an anthropology project and probably falling for some big-breasted native girl in a sarong.  She would be stuck at home waiting tables at Better Than Mom's Diner in a pink and aqua polyester uniform with a lace apron.

Oh, and it snowed a bit today.  NOT April Fool. God.


Aunt B said...

Interesting sunrise and sunset. Nice shots. Love the little Jacob and Rachel story -- especially her waitress outfit.

BFayBooks said...

I always want to read on in your story snatches. Unfullfilment! :-)