Sunday, April 6, 2014

Crocuses! Crocusii?

Whatever.  Two of them are out there just blooming away, a purple one and a yellow one.  Thank goodness.  I was afraid for a while there that we were doomed to have winter all year, especially Friday when it was trying to be warmish but snow kept falling, but it seems now as if the warming sun is winning.  Inch by inch, but winning.  I think today I'll drag the dead birdie trees out to the curb and shovel up the branches and needles that the bunnies have gnawed off of the one tree, or maybe I'll wait until next weekend.  The birdies need someplace to hide when they get out of the birdbath.

I've been so focused on my BLKG Design-A-Thon entry that I've got a sore left forearm muscle (too much purling) and I haven't knitted on my sock for a long time so I tucked it into my purse when Durwood and I went to breakfast yesterday.  He met with his Census 2000 pals and after I finished my omelet I excused myself to knit with a couple people from the guild and some of their friends.  I knew they'd be there so I came prepared, besides a sock is an easy "purse" project.  I'm trying out a new heel, a Strong heel, named for a person not an attribute.  It's kind of freaky, there's no heel flap or heel turn or gusset, you just knit back and forth increasing at the ends every other row until you've nearly doubled the stitches, then you start decreasing, which is the Strong heel turn, until you're back to the original number of stitches, and then finish the sock foot and toe as usual.  I'm nearly at the decreasing/heel turn spot and I will say it's been a lot simpler.  Now whether it's as durable as a flap heel remains to be seen... I probably should have knitted in some nylon to toughen up the stitches but only time will tell.  I wish I could remember who told me about this heel... it was someone at knitting guild, for sure.

When I opened the patio curtains this morning I was smacked in the eye by orange light reflecting off an office building window down the block.  It was bright and vivid but when I turned to look at the sky it was all pale and soft, but these were taken one after the other, really, cross my heart.

April 6--Courtois Freres, Cornet a Pistons in B-flat.  

Cold twisted brass
parts wedged in a fitted
box latched tight
Freed in the smoky dark
of a juke joint
to wail
Limber fingers,
pursed lips,
hot breath,

Okay, it's almost time for CBS Sunday Morning, that's the only TV show I really don't want to miss, all of the rest I could skip, but not my Sunday dose of art and culture, moment of nature, and Charles Osgood. Exit, stage right.


Aunt B said...

I was going to post a picture of two blooming trees in our front yard (don't know what kind!). So pretty. But I thought that would be cruel to you. Those two blooming crocuses (ii?) would make us even. Yay blooming stuff!!!

Aunt B said...

Oops!! Clicked "enter" too many times.