Thursday, April 24, 2014

I'm a Faster Crocheter

Really, I am.  There's a reason that I'm filling my resolution to make 3 men's chemo hats a month in 2014 with crocheted beanies, and that's because April Men's Chemo Hat #2 looked like this at 12:30 PM yesterday--

and it looked like this at 10:45 PM yesterday.

Yesterday's dive shop customers came in and called at just the right rate so that I could get up a head of steam, work some, then they'd call or come in when I needed to give my fingers and wrists a break.  It was the perfect confluence of busy and not busy.  I'd have been done with the hat a bit sooner but Mr. & Mrs. Boss came in for a while in the afternoon and they always bring work for me to do or dig it up from things already there.  They're gifted like that.  I don't really mind though, they pay me handsomely for sitting there playing with yarn when it's quiet.  Don't misunderstand, they're hoping all the time that my knitting suffers because I'm so busy at work and, truth be told, I hope that too.  There are days that I'm ecstatic when the UPS or FedEx guy brings in a load of cartons for me to unpack.  I can't complain, it's an awesome place to work.

More pretties are blooming out there along the front of the house.  I saw two tiny hyacinths yesterday when I got home from work--one pink and one white.  No, really that one with the daffodils looming over it is pink.  I don't know why the camera can't see that color, why it washes it out like it does, and why does everything that's purple look blue, huh?  I don't get it.  'Splain me dat, somebody, willya?

Today it's still and gray (graygraygraygraygray) outside and I hear it's supposed to rain later, rain up to an inch.  That'll be nice.  When I tuned in to Local on the 8s last night Saturday was the only day in the 7-day forecast that had a sun icon on it, all the rest had raindrops, which is way better than snowflakes at this late date in April, but I'd like a bit of sun, please.  Puh-leeeeze.  I'm begging.

April 24--Egypt, Statue of Two Men and a Boy that served as a Domestic Icon.  

They are a family,
these three.
The men hold hands,
one has an arm draped
over the boy's shoulders.
The boy has his arm
across one man's back.

There is love and support
in the casual homely
touch of a hand,
"I'm here for you"
it seems to say.
"We're a team"
comes the reply.

These three are
a family,
the truth of it
calls across
the centuries.

Okay, then.  I glanced out the window while talking to RJ for a minute or ten and it's started to drizzle.  Do you have a raincoat?  I don't, I just hunch up and hurry, of course fleece is water repellent since it's made from old milk jugs, so I guess I don't need one since fashion isn't really in my lexicon.  I'm mostly about durability and function.  Time to get a move on.  I'm outta here.

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Aunt B said...

I guess rain is better than snow -- but sunshine is best of all. Especially in late April. Remember -- all things come to those who wait (and wait and wait and wait some more).