Sunday, April 27, 2014

That's Better

I went out and raked the front yard yesterday (where were you?  I was all alone the whole time.) and was cheered to see that my daffodils are blooming merrily away.  It tickles me that one of the clumps are from bulbs I planted in, oh, about 1979.  Still blooming, still beautiful, but probably could use digging up and separating.  I'll consider it.  There's a tiny grape hyacinth blooming out there all alone and the irises are coming up on the side of the house.  Yay!

I got all the laundry washed and dried yesterday afternoon and evening (didn't take a picture, I'm confident that you know what doing laundry looks like), and in between I crocheted April Men's Chemo Hat #3 almost all finished before bed.  (I finished it this morning, I was that close.)  See I'd had this idea for #3 when I was having a little trouble falling asleep Friday night so I had to dive right in and work fast to see if it looked as good as I thought it would.  I think it does.  It's kind of patriotic and flag-ish without being too in-your-face about it, don't you think?  It dawned on me on Friday that April was speeding to an end (Thursday's May 1 already) so I needed to finish the month's chemo hats.  Done and done.  (I hope the vets don't get tired of this hat pattern, I really like it and like that I can make one in a day if I focus, plus it fits nicely now that I'm using a smaller hook.)

Last Tuesday LC and I went to the fabric store for some ribbon for her new hat and she picked out this awesome fabric that'll be good for making bags.  Don't you love it?  See the camel and elephant?

April 27--Polycleitos, Statue of the Diadoumenos.  

Soft lips, warm breath
heat the hollow
of a throat.
Strong hands memorize
a body's curves and
Heavy-lidded eyes
in the soft light
of morning
while doves coo
in the orchard
down the lane.

Now it's time to pile into Durwood's van and drive up the Dykesville for Joe Rouer's burgers for lunch.  There will be fried onions and perhaps french fries too or maybe onion rings.  I see a cheeseburger in my near future.  I'm already drooling.  Toodles.

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Aunt B said...

It took me a few minutes to spot the camel and the elephant but once you've located them, they jump right out. Neat fabric. Soooo very happy to see your daffodils. Looks like Springtime at last in GB!