Thursday, April 17, 2014

It's Getting Dark Again

And something's falling from the sky, not rain, not snow, something in between and it's windy besides.  Evidently it's snowed or freezing rained a lot Up North because the crawl under the local news-talkers is all filled with schools delayed or closed today.  We are in Winter's grip and she's not letting go.  Send help... send heat... send sunshine!

I don't have anything interesting to say today or to show you pictures of.  I had a few customers yesterday, Mr. & Mrs. Boss came in for a short visit, and I worked on the booties, there's not much different to see because I just finished the first "pelt" and started the second one.  Maybe I'll get them finished by Sunday after all.  (now I probably jinxed myself *shrugs* oh well)

The other day we noticed that a Downy Woodpecker has come back to the suet feeder.  She's little but fierce, not much can scare her off the feeder.  I can tell she's a girl because there's no red patch on her nape.  And there are still a few juncos around, evidently they didn't get the Spring migration memo.  Git along, little birdies, git along!  You've got Winter pinned here, maybe if you fly away Winter will go with you.

April 17--George W. Jamison & William Rose, Brooch.  

Soft white conch shell
carved in profile,
set in gold.
"The Union
It Must
and Shall Be
Hot words,
sentiment in gilt
on black enamel,
History made immediate
by the fingerprint
on the clasp.

Man, it's a dreary day.  Good thing I get to stop to snuggle LC on my way home from work today.  Holding that tiny body's a real tonic on a crappy day, even if it is her fussy time then.  Time to make a run at Thursday.

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Aunt B said...

Well, you've got the botts! And who can blame you? Good thing you've got that little ray of sunshine to look forward to at the end of the day. Maybe she won't be fussy. Fingers crossed!