Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Sky Was Clear For a Minute There

Clear and blue and sunny but the clouds powered up and shut that right down.  It was clear when the sun was just coming up, see?  Then within 45 minutes--poof!--cloudy sky, dreary day.  Is this the day it's supposed to snow and rain?  Oh no, it's the first of FOUR days when it's supposed to snow and rain.  Good times.

The other day I noticed that the hyacinth closest to the corner of the porch and house facade had sent up a couple flower buds.  This morning I took a look to see how they're doing and found this.  They've drooped over so they're as close to the ground as they can get and still be above it.  Poor things.  When I parked on the street next to the maple tree yesterday I saw that there are sap-cicles on it.  That's right, even in the middle of the day it's not warm enough to keep the dripping sap from freezing.  They're cute (sorta) and worth a photo and mention here but I'd rather see a wet place on the bark.  Really.  Stand-y-up hyacinths too.  Rather see those too.

I made good progress on crocheted bootee #1 yesterday, don't you think?  I figure, if it stays as cold as it is, today I might just finish it at work, then I'd have 3 full days to make bootee #2.  I have hopes. (looks like a rat pelt, though, doesn't it?  I assure you, it isn't, not even close.)

It's trash day but I didn't roll out the new trash bin because we only have about a bag of trash and even the smaller bin is big enough that I could probably rent it out as a studio apartment and I'm not moving the snowblower so I can get it out of the garage for one little bag, no, I am not.  I supposed I'll think differently in the summer when the garbage will have a mind of its own (especially in the aroma department) but right now when it's frozen it can live in the garage for an extra week.  I'll take it out next week when it's recycling week and that bin will be full too.  (I am certain you were just panting to learn that.  Sorry, it's early, I ramble.)

April 16--John Singer Sargent, Mr. & Mrs. I.N. Phelps Stokes.  

Edith and Iggy
were meant for each other,
together from cradle to grave.
Nursery playroom adversaries,
grammar school playground allies,
reluctant partners
at Miss Sylvia's School of the Dance cotillions.
Second cousins
on their fathers' sides
and distant relatives
on their mothers',
Iggy was awkward
and a thinker,
Edith shone like the sun,
a suffragist firebrand,
she kept his bookish life

 I want to meet her, just from seeing her portrait, I'll bet she had interesting things to say.  I feel kind of droopy today like the hyacinths out front.  Maybe a nice bowl of Cheerios and a banana will cheer me up.  We'll see.  Stay warm today, unless it's warm where you are and if it is, then pbbt!

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Aunt B said...

I don't blame you for that pbbt!! It's chilly down here but nothing like what you're having. Paul has the boat out of the water and parked in the driveway ready for Project Auto-Pilot this weekend. Hope it warms up a bit by then. Margaret and I will be busy shopping!