Monday, April 28, 2014

Correction: We Went to Duval

We had to go through (well, around really now that the new highway's done) Dykesville.  It was such a dreary day, even starting to rain as we pulled out, but we pressed on up the shore toward our goal.  When we got to downtown Duval we were lucky to get a parking place in the lot (someone was pulling out) and the only reason we got a table was that I let Durwood out at the door and went to troll for a parking spot.  It was jammed, every seat in the place was full and the back room was hosting a birthday party.  We lost both of the spare chairs but we had a table for our food & drinks and a chair each.  Whew.  We splurged and, along with our burgers (with fried onions), got a combo basket to share (we picked out the goodies around the fries and left them pretty much alone, kind of like the "grass" in an Easter basket).  Yum.  On our way back we swung through Dykesville on the off-chance that the Frosty Tip's open... not until next month.  Dang it.  So I drove us directly to a DQ as a consolation prize.  I'm resourceful like that.

On the way home we stopped at the park across from UWGB for a little while.  I needed to get out under a wide sky with a long view over the water.  It was good to hear the soft shush of the wavelets onto the shore and see some ducks.  I especially liked last year's milkweed pods still hanging on their stems and the lone bare tree against the cloudy sky.  That's a good spot for a recharge.

I started trying out a few May Art Challenge ideas, researched a few patterns, and cast them on.  The cocoon/bag looks like it'll be right but the novelty yarn is totally wrong for the other bug idea.  Totally.  It got frogged this morning and other attempts will be made, other ideas explored.  I'm not discouraged, it's not "due" until May 15.  Chill.  One day that novelty yarn will be just right for something, but this ain't it.  Rats.

April 28--Kunz Lochner, Armor of Emperor Ferdinand I.  

Forged from steel
like a clockwork lobster,
the Emperor's armored exoskeleton
stands ready
to be donned.
Charms were wrought
into the metal skin
to carry him safely
through battle, parade or rite.

It's Monday again.  Can you believe it?  It's supposed to creep into the mid-40s today and be rainy all week, and drop to near freezing every night this week.  Sheesh.  Will it ever be warm again?  I promise (cross my heart) not to complain (too much) when (IF) it gets hot this summer.

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Aunt B said...

Those burgers look delish. Perfect antidote on a rainy day. Gloomy down here too and lots of storm warnings but so far, they've all missed Wilmington. Hope that continues at least until Paul is back from the Far East. Manilla next week!