Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sorry I Missed Posting Yesterday

But I was in the thrall of a tiny tyrant all day and was too busy lapping it up to sit here typing, and by the time I'd returned her to her parents it was yoga-time and suppertime and bedtime.  Yesterday's big hit was "peek-a-boo."  She's putting everything in her mouth, I give her a flannel burp cloth to gnaw on so I flipped it over her eyes, asked "where's LC?" and then flipped it back, "peek-a-boo!"  Big smiles, big O mouth, no laughs yet but she'll get there.  I can't believe that she'll be 4 months old a week from Saturday.  Already.  (peek-a-boo's the new entertainment sensation, pass it around)  I finished her new hat.  I think it makes her look like an Easter egg.  It got a white ribbon bow later but by then I was too far under her spell to snap a picture.

When I opened the patio curtains this morning I was distraught to see that the birdbath was iced over.  *sigh*  I unplugged the birdbath heater the other day because it seemed like we might be done with the below freezing nights.  Evidently not.  *sigh*  I poured hot water over it because lots of birdies come for a drink early and a bath later on but you can still see the ice floating on the surface.  Ice on April 23?  Really?  Get it together, guys.  But I also spotted a male Downy Woodpecker on the peanut wreath.  He looked like he was all dressed up for an evening out with his sharp black and white feathers and little red nape.  Very natty.

Durwood went all by himself to Cook's Corner yesterday to spend a bit of one of his gift cards.  He loves wandering up and down each and every aisle in that cooking gadget mecca, and I'm so glad he felt good enough to go and enjoy himself.  It was a long winter of bad breathing days so the opportunity to just get out and dawdle a bit had to be epic even if it did tucker him out a bit.

I'm excited about MH & DG's May Art Challenge subject--we get to make bugs.  Bugs!  I love bugs.  Should I sew a bug?  I can't draw, so that's out.  Knit or crochet one?  Maybe make one with wood and wire?  Copper and solder?  So many possibilities.

April 23--Alfred Stieglitz, Georgia O'Keefe--Hand and Wheel.  

Remember when cars
had V-8 motors?
When those eight
pistons pushed up
in eight cylinders,
driving faster and faster, making
that throaty Detroit purr
that sent shivers up men's spines?
Now car engines might
have six cylinders
but they don't purr,
they clear their throats
apologetically and then
sidle away on their
high MPG--low emission promises.

I had one of those big-engined, gas guzzlers once.  I loved it, it ZOOMed.  It was red too.  Beverly's red but she doesn't ZOOM.  I'm sedate now.  *sigh*  Sucks to get old and be environmentally conscious sometimes.  Time for cheerios and a banana.  Woo, I'm living on the edge.

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Aunt B said...

Yes, I missed you yesterday but it was worth it to be rewarded with the sweet pictures on FB -- and this precious "peek a boo" shot of those beautiful eyes of hers. Chilly down here too but hoping for a warm-up this afternoon.