Saturday, April 12, 2014

We Have Food Today

It looks like it's puckering up to drizzle outside so I focused my little red camera inside this morning.  Today LC is bringing her parents over for supper so we've been preparing for the company.  Last night before I left for Friday Night Knitting Circle (where there were 3 new knitters, well, not new to knitting but new to FNKC) I asked Durwood to whip up a pan of cornbread so we can make cornbread sausage stuffing for the Cornish hens to lie on while they roast later today.  We had a box of Jiffy cornbread mix that was a few months out of date and we were uncertain as to whether it was still good so he made it anyway.  Turned out it wasn't good.  The baking soda was old so it didn't rise at all, just made a 1/4" thick cracker-y thing of cornbread.  After I got home from knitting it went into the trash, then I got out the cornmeal and started over. Last night I also wanted to make the carrot cake that we'd decided we NEEDED to have for dessert tonight so today would be slightly less busy--that made it pretty darned busy, and late, before bed but I got it all done.  See, the cornbread has to sit out overnight to dry out before we add in all the goodies (sausage, onions, celery, egg, a can of cream soup) and I wanted the cake to be baked and cool so I could whip up the cream cheese frosting this morning and slather it on--except for a bitty strip at the edge because DIL1 isn't a frosting fan so we'll cut hers from that part and she'll only get some frosting and can scrape that off if she'd like.  Because it doesn't hurt my feelings if she does, I love her, quirks and all, just like I hope she does me.

I finished April Men's Chemo Hat #1 at knitting last night but haven't woven in the ends yet.  I can do that in a jiffy later once all my chores are done.  And I cast on a burp cloth out of one of the Mason Dixon Knitting books.  I like the pattern a lot but I'm not so sure it'll be soft enough for LC's tender skin.  I'll keep going, we can use it to just mop stuff up I am sure.

This is why you wish Durwood lived at your house.  He's emptying the dishwasher without being asked or reminded.  I keep telling you, he's a treasure.  I'm keeping him.  And not just because he's letting me drag him to Yellowstone again in August either, there are other reasons I'm keeping to myself.  (squee, I know it's 4 months until we go but I can't wait for things we're planning, like spending a day in the Museum of the Rockies in Billings, MT to see all the fossils and spending 3 days in Cody, WY to see the Buffalo Bill museum, a firearms museum, plus there's a rodeo every night, and going back the Little Bighorn to spend a whole day in the museum and on the battlefield... and starry skies in the park... and cheese and tomato picnics on the road... and oh so many things we want to see and do...  maybe two weeks isn't enough)

April 12--France, Plaque with Censing Angels.

Billowing incense smoke
the rustle of wings
real angels pace
down the aisle

And that's when my day caught up with me and bonked me on the head into dreamland.  Good thing the weekend Art page is good for 2 days because I'm hoping to remember where that was going and finish it tonight.  Cross my heart I won't be up late and fall asleep again.  Time to swab out the bathroom and vroom the vacuum around, it won't take long.  Toodles.

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Aunt B said...

So nice to have that wonderful trip to look forward to -- after your long, long, LONG winter! You're going to have so much fun. Hope you enjoy your evening with the kids.