Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bye-Bye, April!

And good riddance.  April has been snowy, cold, wet, and did I mention cold?  It's still not what you'd call warm now but when I went out for the paper it was 45 degrees and felt... spring-ish, like there's warm behind the cold and wet, somewhere waaaaaaay back there but it's gaining on us.  I hope.  Fingers crossed.

The daffodils don't mind the chilly and wet weather and the Asiatic lilies are pushing their way out too.  There's promise right there, people, promise of warm and spring and sunshine.  More fingers crossed.  Toes too.

I'm praying for nice weather this coming Saturday (at least not torrential downpours) because the knitting guild is hosting a Yarn Crawl, which means a dozen or so of us will pile into cars and drive toward Madison where we'll have lunch, stopping at 3 yarn shops along the way for pattern demos, goodie bags (I hope), prize drawings, and the chance to squish and maybe buy yarns not available to us in town since the 2 decent yarn shops closed and the remaining one's rarely open and is disconnected from the internet so is stuck in a time warp.  I have my "mad" money all counted and neatly in its wallet all ready to go to Mad-town.

I got a ways on the May Bug #2 cocoon.  I like the way it's looking and can't wait for the next color to appear later today.  It's supposed to be a dice bag (for role playing games, I think) but thought the shape was perfect for Durwood's idea of a bug cocoon, and I can always use a little knitted bag that looks like a flower, right?  I don't know what I'd put in it but I'll like having it.  Do you have things like that?  Things that you like just because of the way they look?  Is that the idea behind art?  Hmm, maybe.  (man, I can be slow)

April 30--Charles Honore Lannuier, Card Table.  

A tiny scrap of life
rules my Tuesdays.
The benevolent tyrant
in footed romper
and onesie
charms with gummy smiles
and milk-scented snuggles.
I am at her beck and call,
a willing slave,
eager to bend to her whims.

Not about a card table but I like it.  Bye-bye, April and bye-bye, Poetry Month.  Back to story scraps tomorrow.  I get to take my car in for service at a new place today.  It's where we buy our vehicles so we're going to give them a chance to service them too.  It's a local, one sales guy and one mechanic operation, the kind of place where you talk about your family and what's going on in the neighborhood, plus it's 2 blocks from here.  Durwood will take me to work and pick me up.  It's nice to have a chauffeur handy.

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Aunt B said...

Yes, I'll buy a box just because its pretty -- and then have to buy something to put in it! Looking forward to your stories again -- but the poems were nice too. Happy May Day. Don't forget that little "First of May" ditty. Bet you mention it in your post!!!