Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Snow Free!

Yesterday morning I got out an old spade and cleared the glacier ice, fallen seed, and rabbit raisins off the patio, well, most of it anyway so I can walk out to fill the birdbath without either slipping on the ice or walking through guck.  It only took a few minutes and it makes me inordinately happy to gaze upon it.

Last night after yoga Mardi and I were talking about psychic mediums and she said she thinks they're a form of snake oil (I agree), and that she sometimes views yoga that way.  That she'll lead a class like the yin one we'd just finished, feel like she hadn't done anything, but then have people say, as they'd done last night, "thanks, that was great" and she felt like she hadn't done anything.  That is so wrong.  She turns down the lights so over the class the sunlight dims, it's a time after work to decompress in a contemplative way, yin yoga is gentle stretching and holding poses so you ease your body into relaxation, we give our bodies slow careful stretching so we don't hurt ourselves which feels great, and (this might be the most important) she's serious about yoga but isn't too serious about the atmosphere, we laugh and joke at the beginning of class and sometimes throughout, laughing can be the best exercise of all in a day.  It is great.  Just accept it, Mardi, there's a real reason why we're all bereft that you're moving to Washington in a few months.  We love you and your yoga classes.

It's sunny today.  Sunny and clear.  I don't know if that means it'll be cooler or if clouds will come later and rain or snow on us but I love the sunshine; I want to go out and bask.

April 2--Ilia Efimovich Repin, Vsevolod Mikhailovich Garshin.

Intense eyes burn
in a face
too smooth
to harbor thoughts
of revolution
and pogrom.

April is Poetry Month so I'll be poem-ing.  I hope you can stand a month of it.  I'm off to see what Durwood's up to.  Toodles.


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Aunt B said...

Yippee!!! Poetry month! Looking forward to your musings. Like your friend Mardi - you have a lot to offer -- whether you know it or not! Love you!!!