Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hope I Didn't Jinx It

(oops, sorry I sent a blank, I hit "enter" by mistake)

Yesterday after erranding I put the snowblower away and got out the lawnmower and patio table.  It isn't warm out there (only warm-ish, as in not freezing, nothing you'd call warm, not snowing though) but I think I'm safe putting the snowblower away.  Fingers crossed.  For a while there I thought it was the only thing standing between us and a snowstorm but now that April's winding down I think maybe it's a safe move.  It might could be.  Maybe.

I stopped and bought a new birdbath at Stein's.  We wanted a deeper one, one without that little platform in the middle (for the short birds, I guess) so that the heater stays submerged in the winter.  This past year I had to top it up more than once most days just to keep it underwater so it didn't burn out (since they don't make the horseshoe shaped flat mat one that the #$%^& squirrel chewed the cord through anymore.  bitter?  me???  nah.).  This new one looks like a flower and it's red, what's not to like?  I'm keeping the old one too.  Maybe someday I'll find a use for it.  I'll put it in the shed for safekeeping.

Hey, if you're not busy this morning you could come over and help me rake the front yard.  That's my big plan for today as soon as I hit "post" or "publish" or whatever that orange button up there says.  It does not look warm out there, no sirree bob, and the wind's kicking up a bit too.  Looks like a sweatshirt day.  *sigh*  Where are the t-shirt days?  Hmmm?  And the laundry chute's full.  Guess that means I do wash this weekend too.  I will admit I like having clean underpants to wear every day, socks too, so I guess I don't really mind.

April 26--Polykleitos, Statue of the Diadoumenos.  

Cold marble carved
to mimic flesh.
Tumbled curls,
flexed muscles,
truth in every line.
Sinew and bone
freed from the marble block
seeming to breathe
in the shifting light.
The sculptor's hammer brings
life from stone.

Okay, raking time, but first breakfast.  Seriously, raking, one hour; be there or be square; bring your own rake... well, I have one extra but I'm hoping for a crowd.

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