Thursday, April 10, 2014

I See Pie in Our Future

When I went out to snap a picture of the sunrise I noticed the pink noses of the rhubarb poking out above the winter leaves.  That plant reminds me of Dad and Grandma A because they were the only ones in Dad's family that liked it, and he brought the original plant up from Evansville when we moved up here in 1962.  When he and Mom moved over here in 1981 he dug up an offshoot and planted it near the patio.  I've dug out shoots to share a bunch of times and it's still going strong so--PIE!  Jam too, maybe.

Good sunrise too, don't you think?  Not very colorful but good clouds.

Tonight's the Bay Lakes Knitting Guild meeting where we turn in our Design-A-Thon entries.  I've got my snack to share and bottled water all ready to go and my entry in a brown paper bag.  It'll be a secret judging, they'll be numbered and we'll vote by number.  I don't think any results will be known tonight since they're planning to award prizes and return the entries at next month's meeting but I'm anxious to see all the knitted things.  I have no illusions that mine will shine but I really enjoyed the challenge and impressed the heck out of myself when I didn't get frustrated by having to redo the knitting over and over (and over) to get it right.  *pats self on back*

April 10--Dagobert Peche, Brooch.

The pearl trembles
like a dew drop in the gray dawn light

with her every breath
Carved leaves arch

droop with the weight
of their beauty

Iridescence glimmers
soft against the gold

O that I were pinned
to her heart

as the golden brooch is pinned
to her breast

It's another sunny morning, mild but clouding over.  I don't care really as long as I don't have to wear my winter coat or sixteen layers of clothes to be comfortable at work.  I hope it's nice where you are.  Bon voyage to my pal, Lala, who's leaving for Ireland later today.  I'm only the teensiest bit jealous.  Really.

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Aunt B said...

Love today's poem. And count me among the rhubarb lovers. Pie, jam or even stewed rhubarb. Azalea Festival here this weekend. Every shade of pink all over everything. So pretty blooming under the dogwood trees. Wilmington's claim to fame!