Friday, April 25, 2014

Is That... the Sun?

Yes!  Yes, it is.  Hot damn.  We need a sunny day.  I need a sunny day, big time.

Durwood has some appointments I get to chauffeur him to and I get to take Porter to the kennel for a weekend playdate pretty soon so I'd better type faster.  Less thinking, more typing, please.

I unearthed a novel manuscript last week and am reading through it on the Kindle to see about diving back into it.  Funny, I thought it was perfect a year ago but now I see the flaws.  Time to make a paper copy and get out my red pen.  Good thing I'm going to The Clearing at the end of September for a week's writing workshop.  Maybe I'll get these words out there one day after all.

I had work to do at work yesterday.  Imagine that!  Work at work, what a concept.  I'd rather work at work than sit at work at least a couple days a week.  It's so much less tiring to work than to sit.

Durwood made BBQ ribs in the crockpot yesterday so the house smelled great when I got home, and they tasted good too.  We just steamed a big mess of broccoli to go along with the ribs and had a feast.  Lots of leftovers too.  Yum.

April 25--Luca Carlevaris, The Molo, Venice.  

The music of arches
sings across the piazza--
column, arch, column, arch
--rhythmic architecture
mirroring the beat
of the commerce
embraced by the walls.
Such rigid rows
belie the chaotic drama
of life
on the paving stones.

I've gotta go get out in that sunshine.  It's not particularly warm but it's sunny and I need to bask.  Time to brush, flush, and flee.  Hasta la vista, babies.

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Aunt B said...

Our house smelled like pork all day yesterday too. I did some pork country ribs in the crockpot. All great minds!!!