Monday, April 7, 2014

More Crocuses!

Look!  Pretty!

Yesterday was a lovely gorgeous sunny day--and my head was so stuffed up that I could barely enjoy it.  I dragged myself out to show a knitting pal how to pick up, knit, and decrease a sock gusset and I meant to make some lentil soup for this week's lunches but I wimped out and just stopped at Copps for some lunchmeat for sandwiches.  I did fire up the grill for the first time in 2014 so we could have charcoal grilled chicken thighs for supper.  I could barely taste them since all my olfactory & taste organs are busy being sick but the merest hint of grilled meat, green beans, and rice cooked in broth with tiny carrot slices made it through.  This sickness needs to leave--today.  I don't have patience for all this stuffiness and puffy eyes and blocked ears.  I'm supposed to be the healthy one.

After supper I finished the second Design-A-Thon mitt.  Yay! I got all the tails woven in and this morning put it in to soak in Eucalan wool wash so that before I leave for work I can press out the water and pat them into place to dry.  Blocking settles the stitches and finishes a knitted or crocheted piece, plus it's been dragged all over in the making and can't help but be dirty, it's totally worth the extra time and effort.  Last night before bed I made the final edit of the pattern and got it all shipshape and ready to send to Andy for the pattern booklet.  Now all that's left to do is make a snack because it's my turn to bring one.  I have a plan so I'm good.

April 7--Walker Evans, Portrait of a Cat.  

How'd he get it to pose?

The little lion poised
surveying his apartment
ready to pounce
on mouse or roach
that dared to invade his
disdain writ large
on the furred face,
tail crooked
in a question mark
uncaring of the answer.
A chance flick of the shutter
caught our regal feline
slumming in
the kitchen sink.

My pal Lala's counting down to getting on a plane for Ireland on Thursday afternoon.  She's dithering, I'm jealous--it's a set.  I'll be here blowing my nose while she's there kissing the Blarney Stone and patting leprechauns.  Doesn't seem fair, does it?  Does to her, of that I am certain.  I'll just be over here in the reluctant Spring of the upper Midwest watching the black snow melt.  (pathetic enough?  I'll stop now)  I'm off to shower, etc. because I get to go to work, it's Payday!  Yay!


Cheryl Brocher said...

Thanks again for your help! I'm working on them in between working on that darned flag sweater!! ;-)

Aunt B said...

I hate those springtime colds!! I'm still coughing and I thought I was over all that. On top of everything else, there's sooooo much pollen in the air -- covering everything outside in a layer of yellow. Even last night's rain didn't wash it all away. Grumble, grumble!!!