Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring is Trying

This morning I took a look around in the garden and found evidence that Spring is creeping in.  There are poppies sprouting up their little clusters of fuzzy leaves and I uncovered the blueberries to find pink buds AND the rhubarb's got leaves.  Leaves, people, leaves.  Green ones.

We had a lovely Easter dinner at Nana & Grandpa Doc's house with ham, baby carrots, asparagus, and scalloped potatoes.  The pies were a hit.  LC decided that naps were for sissies if they involved being laid down.  She'd sleep in someone's arms but if you put her down she'd wake up and start squicking, the stubborn little darling.  I personally don't mind sitting still holding her but her parents don't seem to be fans.  (I don't understand why, although I now understand my mother a lot better)

I didn't get the booties done for LC's Easter gift but I will finish them and gift them to her since I looked at the projects on Ravelry and saw a pair the same size looking exactly like the ones I'm making.  Despite my frustration I did manage to start crocheting another bow hat for her, look at the pretty colored yarn that I got at the Sister Bay thrift shop.  Don't you love it?  I do.  I also cast on Car Knitting Warshrag #7 since I finished the last one and it's bridge raising season now that the icebreakers have come down the lake; this is not the time to get caught sitting in my car waiting for the drawbridge to go down without a project in the pocket of my door.  I need to make a couple more men's chemo hats this month too.  I'd better get cracking, there're only 10 days of April left.

April 21--Gerrit Reitveld, Zig Zag Stoel.  

A warm elm plank
sawn, glued, screwed
into a Z
for sitting upon.
All design,
no humanity.
A row of recessed screws
the only ornamentation.
No effort made
for comfort.
It invites the eye
not the posterior.

It's a weirdly foggy day, looks like it might rain, then looks like maybe it won't.  Guess we'll just have to live through it to find out.  Time to go work, keep the world safe from SCUBA diving.

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Aunt B said...

Oh yes -- those dreaded "parent rules" -- but love your comment about understanding YOUR mother now. That grandma role really shouldn't have any rules!!! Sounded like a nice Easter.