Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring's Trying to Pop Up

It is in the front of the house, anyway, where the southern exposure and brick facade make a narrow micro-climate for the bulbs to poke their noses out about a month before anyone else's.  This morning I glanced down and, lo and behold, there are two crocus buds getting ready to open, and a lot of other leaves poking out.  Yay!  In the back, not so much Spring is happening.  Oh, there's melting going on, yes, and all the seed dropped over the winter and drifts of rabbit poo from the second shift of diners is revealed, but I read on a bird website that the juncos leave when Spring arrives.  There are still a couple juncos here, I saw 'em the other day.  Dang it.

Durwood and I went to Sam's for a long list of things and to Walmart for a special two-pack of charcoal--which they were already out of on the first day of the sale, and since it was a "special purchase" won't get more of or give rainchecks.  We weren't the only people disappointed and grumbling at that moment so the department clerk gave us the sale price on a smaller two-pack, good but not the same, and 10# less charcoal to boot.  I was tired (still got my cold) so Durwood drove over to the other side of Walmart so I could zoom in for baby wipes which I am out of (LC needs a clean popo when she visits) so I had to buy more.

When we got home I took my knitting and went out to sit on the front stoop to knit in the sunshine and warm breeze.  It was lovely, just lovely.  The air smelled so fresh and the sun was warm and a robin was singing in the tree across the street--and I still have a mis-crossed cable in my mitt.  This time I'm going to see if I can't drop it down to the booboo and knit it back up.  The more times I work this the better I understand what I'm doing so maybe I can see where I made the (eleventy-billionth) mistake and then knit back the few rows to where I left off last night.  I've been wanting to get better at cables for a while and I am giving myself plenty of practice.  Whew.

Oh, I forgot to tell you--on Friday I went to get my nails done and went back to my original salon.  I called to make sure they had time to do my nails but did not give my name, drove over, chose a color and waited until a tech was ready, but the new owner beckoned the woman who had entered after me first.  I figured she had an appointment but he came up to me and said, "Barb, you're going to have to leave and not come back because you're too rude."  "Excuse me?" I said.  "Yes," he said, "last time you were here you said you didn't like the new paint color and that's rude and so I don't want you here, Brian doesn't want you here, you're just too rude."  So I have a lifetime ban from Pro Nails on Military Ave. in Green Bay, WI which is painted a particularly bilious shade of radiant orchid, walls and ceiling, unrelieved by any accents or posters or decor items, that kind of looks like throw-up in a 4 year old girl's room (which I did NOT say out loud there, I only said I didn't care for the color once 3 weeks ago).  Since there's a nail salon about every other block on Military Ave. I drove 2 blocks toward home (after I got over the shock) and got my nails done at another one.  I'm happy for Pro Nails that they have so much business that they can send away paying customers.  The economy must be so much better on the planet where they live.  Just thought I'd let you know in case you want to re-think being seen with a rude person like me.

March 31--American or European, Ensemble.  Louise stood at the window looking out at the light show.  The room behind her was dark, the only light came from the sparkling bursts of light over the river.  She had been tempted to go to the concert but then she thought of the size of the crowd and how she would never know if she was being followed.  It was safer here on the forty-seventh floor with the doorman and the desk staff between her and his eyes.

Not sunny today but still in the 50s, maybe with rain coming later and cooler temps the rest of the week.  It makes me feel that Spring is a possibility having these few warmer days.  Maybe I won't put toe warmers in my shoes today.  Off to shower, eat, and go to see who's going someplace warm to dive this week.


Ann said...

Wow, those jerks!

Cheryl Brocher said...

I had to read that twice to be sure I understood what happened!! You have to be kidding!! Talk about RUDE...they take the cake!!! Well, Barbara....their loss!!!

Aunt B said...

I'm stunned that any business would ban you from entering -- just from voicing an opinion on the d├ęcor!!! You're right -- they must be overflowing with customers. But with an attitude like that, that won't last! Jerks!!! BTW, nice to think of you sitting out on the stoop in the sunshine, listening to a robin and knitting.