Saturday, March 1, 2014

Now There Is Pie

Yesterday afternoon I was in a mood, not a good mood either, so I chose not to inflict myself on anyone else (besides Durwood) and stayed home to make pies.  I have had a yen for Coconut Macaroon Pie for weeks and weeks, and I had a pound of pecans from Christmas that didn't get made into anything so there needed to be Pecan Pie as well.  See, the package of all-ready pie crusts' death date was yesterday and we all know those little printed dates have the weight of law so I HAD to bake them into something or risk wasting the $2 or so I spent for them.  So first I made the coconut pie and then I made the pecan pie.  I couldn't bake them together because they don't bake at the same temperature (that would be too easy).  Both are crying easy to assemble so I had plenty of time to frown at the flying snowflakes.

Did you know it was supposed to snow yesterday?  I didn't but 4" inches of it fell between about 2 p.m. and 9 p.m., it was the slick kind too.  I was glad that it's only 3 blocks to Harmony Cafe for Friday Night knitting.  I made the Ugly Bunny's arms and then finished up March Men's Chemo Hat #1.  It's another giant hat but it'll be fine for some newly bald guy. 

All that snow meant I got to snowblow before Durwood and I left to go have breakfast with his old Census 2000 pals at Aurora but guess what found me there?  Knitters!  I was carrying my tray to the cashier and a woman nudged me to say hello and invite me to join her and her friends.  Seems they meet every Saturday there in the cafeteria to knit for an hour or so, so after I finished my food I excused myself and went over to knit with them.  (I had my sock bag in my purse; I seldom go anywhere without knitting.)  Two of them are in the Guild (that's how they know me) and it turns out all three of them are in a book club with a woman who was in my 2013 writing class at The Clearing.  It sure is a small world, isn't it?  I often feel like we all live on the same block.

After leaving there we hopped on good old Hwy. 41 and zipped down to Appleton (30 miles) to pick up a regulator from the dive shop and to buy spices from Penzeys.  We had a list, and a couple coupons for free stuff, so we shopped and sniffed and debated the spice/herb blends but ended up only buying the things on the list. See?  We got Dutch processed cocoa, Hungarian Sweet Paprika, Italian Herbs, peppercorns, sea salt and star anise.  We got the purple mug and jar of pizza herbs for free.  We considered cruising through World Market but Durwood kept nodding off so we drove home, stopped at Copps for an Rx and some veggies, pick up burgers at BK (he had a coupon), now I'm blogging and he's napping.  And it's snowing again so I'm glad we didn't stay down there longer.

March 1--Kano Eino, One Hundred Boys.  There were too many boys in the neighborhood, Tally thought.  Not that she liked to do girly things exactly, it was just that she would like to have a girl to do regular things with.  Like go to the movies or the library, she'd like to have a girl friend to study about the stars with or talk about fish to.  Her sister, Ann, was a girl but all she cared about was makeup, music and which boys in the seventh grade liked her.  Most of the boys in the neighborhood were only interested in sports and fishing.  Tally liked to study fish, she didn't want to catch them and gut them.

Now I need to go fill all the birdfeeders and snowblow the plow drift away from the end of the driveway.  A neighbor was just out there doing his but it wasn't his day to do a good deed so mine isn't done.  *sigh*  Oh well, it's good for me to go out there and do stuff.  Right?


Jean Younger said...

Pies look wonderful! Julie from Monterey just told me about knitting at aurora on Saturdays, so maybe I will get to see you there. Friday night knitting has just not been working for me to get to.

Aunt B said...

Too bad you had to skip World Market -- but maybe it's a good thing. There are sooooo many cute things in there. I can never get out without buying something I just HAVE to have. Love all your spices and yes, those pies look delicious.