Friday, March 14, 2014

There Was All That Shopping

DD and I did a bit of shopping yesterday.  Yeah, a bit.  We hit a couple Goodwills and found things we had to have for not too much money.  I bought mostly new things (big puzzles for little hands and a shepherd's crook) but also found a 2-pack of those ceramic travel mugs with silicone grips and tops.  I've been looking at them but they're all so pricey.  These ones were five bucks--and that's for two of them.  Woohoo.  Fabric was the goal at Joann's and Hancock; both places had lots of things on sale and I had coupons so purchases were made.  I didn't blow the bank or even empty my mad money pocket but I got some good ones.  I especially like the red one, it's called London Sights and shows some of the places DD and I visited when she was studying in England in college.

At last night's Bay Lakes Knitting Guild meeting I helped people learn how to knit using the Magic Loop technique and I think it went okay.  It's something that takes some time to get your mind wrapped around so hopefully they'll take the sheet I wrote up and with their experience last night be able to practice at home.  I was sorry to miss the other two techniques that were taught: a crocheted cast on and seaming but I'll get them to give me a quick lesson one night.  I think the Guild members are getting to know one another better so the meetings are a little chattier and noisier with knitters helping other knitters.  I like that.

March 14--Canada, Haida Rattle.  Polychrome paint made the rabble carved in a wolf's head shape look cheerful until you noticed the bared teeth and fangs.  The wide eyes bored into you while the red mouth made you shudder.  This did not look like a fun rattle used to make happy sounds, it was a tool that the shaman used to call down the spirits.  You can imagine how it would look in the flickering firelight brandished by the hand of a medicine man.  Evil spirits would flee before its power.

Now it's time to make myself presentable for the day.  Durwood and I have some errands to do and we're going to Kroll's for supper.  Yay, fried cheese!

Oh, and it's Pi Day!  Time to eat a wedge of pie.  Mmm, what flavor?  Chocolate?  Lemon?  Pecan?  It's your choice but I think you have to eat pie.  It'd be unmathematical if you don't.

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