Thursday, March 6, 2014

She Coos! She Smiles!

LC does.  Yesterday she had her 2 month checkup and got her first shots (who could willingly stick needles into those chubby thighs? the nurse, that's who, but Daddy said she was lightning fast) and yet LC worked really hard to "talk" to Grandma when she got her pants changed and even smiled a few times.  Oh my.  I could have looked at that sweet face all night.  I can't wait for the 18th when she's all mine for the whole day... well, I'll have to share her with Durwood but you know what I mean, no parents around to lay down the rules.  LC and me, we're gonna be wild women, I just know it.

I took leaves and peels to the chickens for the first time in weeks.  As soon as I squeezed in the gate to the coop they were jostling at the door to their roost house to see who was there and what I had.  All I can think of is how cold those little spindly legs and feet have to be in the snow.  Brrr.

Speaking of "brrr," it's a whopping eleven below zero right now.  This is our 56th day below zero this winter (to me it feels like the 56th below zero day this week), we've broken records left and right.  The sunshine is so warm and the ground is so cold (all that snow makes a lot of cold) that fog is rolling in.  It's sunny but foggy, and the bare trees are coated with frost.  Very pretty but, oh my, it's cold.  I lucked out and caught the colorful part of sunup today.  Look at those colors, and I was excited to see the chimney smoke column up through the middle of the shot.  It was worth freezing my hoohoos almost off to take the picture.

March 6--Greece, String of Ninety-Seven Glass Eye Beads.  It was hard to look Greta in the eye when I talked to her because of the way her necklace looked at me.  I half expected it to blink.  The beads weren't really eyeballs, they were some kind of layered glass that looked like cartoon eyes, schmoo eyes, Dr. Seuss eyes, each one with its own expression.  They were amusing in a creepy sort of way, except for the one-eyed Cyclops one at the bottom.  I wanted to ask that one to turn away.

Now I want a glass eye bead necklace.  This one looks like a bunch of blue minions from that movie.  And (this has absolutely nothing to do with necklaces) DD is coming on Tuesday!  Tuesday isn't too many days away.  We're really excited for her to come, sorry that DIL2 can't come too but grateful to get our own DD for a few days.  Not that she's going to be spending all her time with us old people; she'll be hogging the LC snuggles as much as she can in the short time she has here, which is understandable.  I'd do the exact same thing in her place.  I am hoping to drag her along to yoga and Friday Night Knitting and spend an afternoon sewing up our jelly roll race quilt tops but other than that she's a free woman.  Woohoo, DD is coming!  She was planning to drive straight through after getting off work on Monday afternoon but Durwood and I convinced her to break her trip in the Chicago area so we got her a room in Gurnee, IL so she can get through Chicago, sleep, and then drive the last few hours awake and alert.  It's a small price to pay to keep our girl safe.  Time to Cheerio.


BFayBooks said...

Love your posts. Which is a coded way to say I love you! Baby fun and crafting fun: bring it on!

Aunt B said...

Oh that beautiful little smile on our darling baby's face! She is just too wonderful. And yes, glad you got the room for DD. That's too long a drive but know you can hardly wait.